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    Wildlife ideas

    I want more than just regular wildlife(i already have regular wildlife in a lot of my stories) in this story.

    The story I am talking about is the one with the generation ship where aliens are transporting humans to an earthlike planet that is 400 light years away(but the generation ship can only go half light speed so it takes 800 years). The generation ship has a carrying capacity of a trillion humans. A few thousand would take thousands, if not millions of years to reach a trillion.

    So anyway, I first thought that dinosaurs would work. But I trashed that idea since Momma kept telling me "even if you already dug a hole the carnivore can't get to, you can't sit around all day watching to see if a carnivore is coming".

    So I trashed the idea of humans coexisting with dinosaurs. I felt so bad(like I worked so hard for nothing bad) that I stopped writing that story.

    But Momma assured me that I can still use most of it(earthlike planet, generation ship, etc).

    So I went back to thinking about it. I was thinking "okay,I still want some kind of lifeform that doesn't exist on earth today. I still want a reptilian form."

    So I thought maybe dragons. To me it seems easier to domesticate dragons and dragons are so common in fiction. I don't know my Momma's opinion yet. However,I already have a kind of dragon on Kepler Bb(the planet Robin and Lisa are on) that I call a drakeling. It goes from a lizard phase as a hatchling to a dinosaur phase as an adult(picture a troodon(one of the smartest dinosaurs) with scaly bat wings between the arms and legs and you got the idea). The diet it is fed on during the lizard phase stays its diet later on.

    So anyway, what do you think about humans coexisting with dragons? Does it seem any easier to you than dinosaurs? It sure seems easier to me and also more diverse in genetics. But I want to know what you think.

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    I don't know if I agree with Momma, but dragons are cool. Dinosaurs can be held at bay with technology. If you have heat vision goggles, a chameleon suit, a high-powered bazooka gun, and maybe some high tech armor, I think raptors would be at your mercy. It's your story, not Momma's.

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    Always one to risk a bop upside the head in service of an exciting narrative, I'm gonna respectfully disagree with Momma on the question of dinosaur-human coexistence and say: why not? Let's say the asteroid whizzed close to the earth but never struck, or that the monster-vaporizing death rays sputtered uselessly from the tips of the Messiah's fingers and were then silent, allowing the dinos to persist into the human era. Yes, it'd be a bit warmer but we can live with that. Nothing against dragons, mind - I have a ten-thousand-strong clan of same in my WIPs - but this is a little different. With your imagination, anything is possible. You just need to work out the mechanics

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    Reminds me of a ST Voyager episode, where bipedal dino-kin have left earth, only to be oblivious of it as their home millions of years later.

    I truly don't know boot dragons and the terror saurs and such, but one tip I can give you regarding spacey wildife in general is focus first on earth.

    Bees that dance to show where flowers are, wasps that paralyze worms to lay their eggs within them, insects that live in sand-traps to capture ants, blind newts with external gills that sift through cave water for sustenance: Nature can get weird, and many people discount the alien life on our planet only to create something less alien (Think of all the bipedal aliens with 2 eyes that happen to speak the anglo-saxon tongue)
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    If you want dragons, write dragons. You don't need to justify it to anyone except your readers. Make them easy to domesticate, or make them difficult, your choice (you do know dragons don't really exist, right? You can make them what you want.). You are writing a fantasy, so anything you do is okay so long as it fits the internal logic of your book. Your generational ship is going to require at least a couple of planet's worth of material to be large enough to hold a trillion humans, and the "Earth-like" planet you are going to is going to have to be so large to support 1,000,000,000,000 people (140 times the current population of Earth) that it will not be 'Earth-like' at all.
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    Sounds spiffing!

    One idea: have different species of drakelings/dragons! like, use the western dragons, 'cos damn, they're fun, but also use the chinese snake-like dragons, because those can be written like a snake too! It'll be awesome.
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