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    18th century men, women and boys had more stamina were far stronger than their modern counterparts - we are weaklings in comparison. It was a salutory lesson watching a programme about breadmaking as done 150+ years ago, the modern men couldn't even lift a bag of flour that women would have humped about in the 19th C. A modern Olympic archer couldn't draw a 14th century bow.
    Stamina means nothing if your life expectancy is 35.
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    If you want to get an idea of what your character might be up against in Nassau in the golden age of piracy then watch the TV series Black Sails, which is available on DVD. That will give you a good idea about just how earthy it could be. It certainly isn't Harry Potter and the series is a pirate story definitely for adults with no punches pulled. It combines genuine history of the era with a clever prequel to the book Treasure Island, so Captain Flint, Long John Silver, Billy Bones, etc appear alongside historical characters like Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, Charles Vane, Benjamin Hornigold, Edward Teach and Woodes Rogers. I should point out that much of the skullduggery takes place in the Nassau brothel, where the men are at their most vulnerable, but that's all part of the earthy nature of the story. The morality of most of the people, who were just fighting for their own perception of justice in a way, is evident though. A particular scene that did raise some comments from the critics was when Jack Rackham appeared wearing sunglasses, but maybe someone had done their research on that.

    Someone who has specialised in historical research into the golden age of piracy is David Cordingly, who a long time ago was a fellow pupil at school with me although some years older. His book UNDER THE BLACK FLAG: The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates is published by Random House and also available online for download. He actually appears in a bonus feature on one of the Pirates of the Caribbean DVDs, being a renowned expert on the genuine subject.

    As for the ins and outs of time travel, don't get me started. What do I know? Well actually ...
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    no more like a Hard Human Fantasy setting that I'm doing now,

    I have some of D Cordingly books,


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