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Thread: WIFS 24

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    WIFS 24

    This issue is centered on the theme of "International Member Diversity".
    I suppose you could call WIFS 24 our Summer Travel Issue (Winter for those "down undah") because
    in it we visit the minds of members from all over the world, and
    the content is as diverse as the contributors.
    You'll find essays, fiction, poetry, a movie review, and more.
    Check it out!

    WIFS 24

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I absolutely love the theme, the diversified community expressed, and the dedication to the utmost quality to our newsletter. Fantastic! Wait, that's an understatement. This newsletter was a flight into culture, creativity, and commitment to making WF a better place. Great job, Media Team!

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    Wow, this newsletter just looks amazing! Well done everyone!
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    A very nice effort. Thank you one and all.

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    Nice job. The newsletter keeps getting better and better. I really liked the quotes in large print on the outside of each interview. It helps to keep the reader's interest as then he has to want to see what part of the interview the quote is on. Again, great newsletter.

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    Awesome! You guys have done it again. This one really popped!
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    I am absolutely blown away!!! And I can say this because I had zero to do with putting this together. Lol!!! What an amazing job!!!!!

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    A bubbling rumbling thunder ball- An outstanding team effort- you've outdone yourself s- beautiful....

    my thanks for making my essay shine... love the pic's
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    A very slick production; thank you!

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    Each issue gets better and better! Well wrought.

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