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    Player Sign-up Sci-fi Game

    History: Humans have terra-formed and colonized a system of stars that are relatively close together. Each star in the system has moons and planets that were terra-formed to be as comfortable for human habitation as possible. There are a series of way stations ranging in size, services, and luxury (a few are even abandoned) that drift in between the different stars.

    The colonies and technologies supporting them is old--thousands of years old. Humans have adapted to live in the different atmospheres and gravities of their new homes. When the colonies were first built and created they were united by a central government and the settled universe was nearly twice as large. A long civil war and other upheavals destroyed the unified government and the remaining colonies were thrust into a sort of dark age.

    The human colonies are only now recovering, 400 years later, and a mass market has sprung up for any recovery of lost knowledge or technologies (star maps, trade routes, and old machinery are all desirable commodities).

    Setting: One of the way-stations between stars. While not the most luxurious it is very busy with a great market where buyers can find nearly anything. It is also home to a plethora of people who live there full time. The most expensive dwellings are at the extreme edges of the sprawling station while the lower classes huddle in make-shift homes near the station's central core.

    This particular station is used as a supply market for the lightning fields nearby. Most of the money, however, is made from the thriving smuggling and black market. The spaceport incorporated into the way station keeps its residents just one step ahead of the law.

    * * *

    The game will start out on a waystation named "Lightning 2." The characters will be signing up as crew on a ship named Hermitage.

    The only restrictions I'm placing is that your character must be able to do two things (whether assisted through technology or on its own)--be mobile and communicate with the other characters in an understandable fashion. Please provide the following information about your character and post it here for everyone to see:

    Biological Information:
    This includes race, age, height, weight, skin color, eye color, hair color/style, and any distinguishing features such as moles, tattoos, piercings, and scars.
    Background Information: Where did your character grow up? What did your character learn? What was their family like? What do they do for a living? What is your characters hobbies, interests and skills?

    - - -

    Please PM me the answers to the following questions and title the PM "Character Info" with your user name.

    What brought your character to Lightning 2?
    What motivates your character?
    Why is your character joining the crew of "Hermitage?"
    What are three (3) secrets your character wants to keep hidden?
    This can be as big or as minor as you want. Your character is embarrassed that s/he forgot to bring a toothbrush to on the run for murder. You decide.
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    Here I posted my character information, I already changed him, my bad

    Name: Lea Borges
    Biological Information:
    Human, 24 years old, 6 feet tall, 211 pounds (not fat but muscular), white skin, brown eyes, hair color: medium brown with darkish tones / hair style: picked up to the back, short beard, bionic arm, and a and a removable helmet that has a radio installed to communicate.
    Back ground Information: Lea was born on Vega-13, he grew up with his mother and his father, he had a little brother called Mathew with him being 2 years younger than Lea, because of some problems, his parents got divorced when he was 15, but the father managed to escape leaving his family behind, which made Lea the man of the house.

    He never managed to enter at school but still, he got money by entering to the low circuits of the "EWF", a fighting club where he earned extra money for his family, there he learned self-defense, but when his brother managed to enter at college and get a job to support his family, he left the EWF behind, but some people threatened him to donīt retire because he made a lot of money for them, but before leaving he managed to sneak in the managerīs office and stole almost three thousand dollar which gave them to his family to escape, now he is escaping from those people and even put a bounty on his head, his family left the planet to a more secure place, Lea did the same but decided that it was best to separate from them.

    His brother graduated from a space school at the age of 22 due to his great gradings and works now for the Vega Interplanetary Alliance.
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    My character


    Biological info
    Sirius is a 24 year old human. He's average-looking, not too tall or short. He has short brown hair and his eye colour is magenta.

    Background info:
    He's spent most of his life on a planet called Tau 4. He was adopted at a very young age by a family of very influential space pirates. They taught him how to lie, cheat, and steal his way to success. His adopted parents were very supportive of him, despite being a different race than him. He has a hard time considering himself as human since he was never raised that way.
    When he was 16 he enrolled in one of the best Officer's schools on the planet with the goal of becoming the captain of his own ship but dropped out 3 years later because he felt bored. He then spent time as part of the crew of his father's ship where he learned to repair FTL drives.
    He's good at fighting, stealing, and talking his way out of trouble. He likes to read books, work out, and crack jokes. He has an interest in learning about human history, space, and his own family history.

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    Name: Zaris Strock

    Biological Information: Female human, underweight, light skin, dark hair, green eyes, about 40 in human years. Missing the ring finger on her left hand.

    Background Information: Grew up on Aptenodytes IV, a frigid, mountainous planet. Liked to go climbing by herself, but lost a finger in an accident while doing so. Good with computers, she does programming work on the station. Zaris lives by herself in one of the expensive living suites along the edge of the station. Standoffish and misanthropic, she is intelligent but lacking in charm.
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    Just so everyone knows: the ship already has a captain, a first mate, and a pilot.

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    Biological Information:
    Yema is an android with an epicine(sexless) appearance. It stands at 1.6 meters, with a weight of 74 kilograms and an average humanoid width.
    Its parts were produced 412 Arth-years ago, but has only been biologically active for 2 A-years.

    Physically, it is similar to humans, with two arms and legs. The only distinguishing feature is a razor-sharp, 20cm spike that can extend from its right hand, between the index and middle finger. It can also pulse lethal shocks through its body, though this will greatly harm both itself and any attacker, thus it is left as the last of all resorts.

    Yema's internal structures are of course vastly different from that of its creators, a complex melding of regenerative biological matter, circuitry and purely mechanical parts.

    Its eyes are housed in oblong splits spaced similarly to the eyes of humans. The eyes glow light-purple, with a dark-green iris-lens.
    It does not have a nose-like appendage, but has a functional mouth and digestive capabilities.
    Food is not its main fuel, in contrast with purely biological entities, though if no other source of energy can be found foodstuffs and alcohol can be broken down and utilized accordingly.

    Its main energy sources are solar energy and conventional outlets of electricity, though it has to adjust their output before attempting to refill its reserves.
    With a full reserve, it can last 21 days. Once its energy is depleted, it will enter a shutdown phase. The longer this phase lasts, the more damage is done to the biological circuitry within Yema.

    Once bio-neural decay reaches the final stage(About 14 days, with exponential decay), Yema can no longer function as a sentient entity and is reduced to a mere robot, which can perform programmed tasks if another entity chooses to repair it.

    Its tough Synvar outer shell has the ability to assume different appearances, whether pure colours or certain textures.
    It prefers to keep itself dark gray, but it may mimic organic skin or its surroundings. This does not render it invisible or fully hides the fact that it is not human, but may function as a decent tactic when the circumstances permit it.

    Yema prefers to wear no clothes, seeing as its body does not replicate the reproductive organs of humans or other species. It will wear clothes only if it judges the situation to truly require such an action.

    Background information:

    Yema is though to be one of the most advanced strains of androids ever made, at least within the confines of the System.

    Along with its eleven 'brood-mates', Yema's structures were created long ago. Their bio-neural systems remained frozen, probably due to abandonment of the facility.

    The facility is situated on the second moon of Aptenodytes III. This moon, Ridgenfast, is a barren badlands that never fully took to terraforming due to atmospheric discrepancies.

    The twelve androids were finally brought to life after one Melissa Schwardt discovered the facility and led a team of corporate scientists in an effort to activate them. At the time, with most of the ancient research data lost to them, the Corpsciens wrongly assumed that the androids would be controllable, not autonomous beings of comparable sentience.

    The androids awoke for the first time ever, surrounded by scanners and the Corpsciens. As sentient beings, each of them had reached the same conclusion: They had to escape. Three of them died in the attempt, with Yema being wounded across the back. It now has a deep indentation there that has not been repaired due to the ignorance of such technology of the few engineers and mechanics that it has chanced upon.

    Five more androids died on Ridgenfast due to hostile and superstitious locals. Yema and the surviving three escaped individually. It does not know their names, as at that time none of them had conceived the need for them.

    After that, Yema moved from planet to moon to way-station, always wandering due to the possibility of a hunt by the Corpsciens or their affiliates.
    It has had only limited contact with humans and other species, with some successful interactions. After one such conversation, it became aware of the conventions of names, and selected 'Yema' after seeing the word on a nearby display within an eatery.

    Yema has become interested in paleontology as well as contemporary biology after seeing a film about valuable fossils from the Old Planet being housed in a corporate palace on Tau 4's primary moon, Nyati. It likes to study any live or deceased organism whenever it gets the time/exposure. It also has a general admiration of biological music, mainly due to the surprising neural pathways stimulated by the form. Yema believes these pathways to be similar in nature to human emotions.

    Yema has been a cast-away on many vessels, though on some it boarded as a crew member. It usually performs purely physical tasks on merchant vessels, though there have been times when it aided crew members with analysis. If it is expected to perform certain specialized duties, it will have to be trained.
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    Name: Stigmata Fischer

    Biological Information: Human; female; 19; short; average weight; hispanic; dark brown eyes; hair is black, medium-length, and a mess; she has a scar through her left eye and thus wears an eyepatch.

    Background Information:
    Two years ago, when she was seventeen, her twin sister killed her boyfriend in an argument. In part to protect her sister, and in part because of an insatiable thirst for adventure, she took the blame and ran from her home, Polvo. As a fugitive from the law, she acquired the nickname “Stigmata” because instead of killing people in fights, she shoots both of their hands. Some of her story in her words:

    “My mama and dad had always lived on the little sand-and-sulfur moon of Polvo where they raised us kids. We went to Mass every day, and did school online with the big public school in Sunder, the planet that our moon orbited. I didn’t care much for school, besides learning to read; I mean, Mama taught me to cook, and Dad taught me to shoot when I begged him to, and those two skills helped me more than everything I learned in school combined.
    I was a good girl. Sure, I’m still good, I think, I’m just kinda funny in some ways, now. Anyways, I tried to be good; I did my honest best to mind my parents, and my manners, and to sit still in church. My sister was a good girl, too, she always kept her hair nicely combed, and tied back in a pretty red bow. She was just sensitive, sometimes, and it wasn’t fair, anyways, because she was the smaller twin, and hadn’t had her First Communion yet even though she was well past the age, and couldn’t shoot a gun proper like I could. Actually, it probably was because she couldn’t shoot well that it happened; she likely meant to shoot him in the shoulder, or maybe just fire it to scare him. She couldn’t have meant to kill him; she was just mad. I had to take the blame, because, like I said, I’m stronger, and can shoot and drive a ship and be in space alone without panicking. Besides, this running was all I ever really wanted. I was always a little funny, I guess; I never wanted to grow up ordinary with a job and kids and everything. I used to want to get lost in a dust storm, just to have the fun of finding my way home alone.
    I got my name ‘cause in fights I shoot people in both their hands, to disarm them. You’ve gotta shoot both cause you don’t know who can duel-wield and who can’t. I can’t, but I got one gamma pistol that’s modeled a little bit after those old revolvers. That’s nice, ‘cause I like to be old-fashioned. Maybe I read too many Westerns as a kid. Anyways, don’t try calling me by any other name but Stigmata; I like that one a hell of a lot better than the one my parents gave me. And don’t try snatching my gun; I got it chained to my wrist. I also got a little cross on that chain, because, why not? I mean, I like a little danger, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be Christian. I got confirmed and everything.”

    Stigmata is never without her gun, which is attached to her wrist by a chain; she has excellent aim and swift reflexes. She lost her eye in a run-in with a bounty hunter. She has an interest in the Old West; in fact, in some ways she sees herself as like one of the “honorable outlaw” characters so common to Western novels. In her years of running, she has become something of a “treasure hunter,” finding and delivering old machinery (from before the collapse) to earn money. However, she has grown rather bored of this, especially since the law’s search for her has died down.
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    Name: Simon Marcone

    Biological Information: Simon is a tan, slim, and tall human male, about 25 years old, with cybernetic work up and down his six foot three inch frame, clearly custom work but with a personality and sleek profile of an expert worker. He has black, medium-length hair in a businesslike side parting that frames his serious but amiable face as well as piercing blue eyes that glow with the subtle light of cybernetic enhancements.

    His limbs are all enhanced, with the angular lines of cybernetics creating faintly glowing tattoos of blue all the way from his shoulders to his wrists, where the intricacies of the hand stop the lines from showing through. His legs are similarly enhanced, and on his temples lie the telltale glowing circles of a neural mesh designed to interface with external devices as well as further the brain’s functions. His torso has a few enhancements as well, mostly relating to the strength of its design, with epidermal, muscular, and osteal reinforcements, but not going as far as the ones in his extremities.

    He wears a simple, old-fashioned-simulating black suit complete with a white shirt and black tie, though all it is made of the silky synthetic thread that is so prevalent in the station. This style mimics the upper echelon of mafia-style criminal underground, for whom tradition is still of importance, even in such distant times.

    All the garments, though nearly identical in visual and texture to the standard thread that is readily available on the station, are completely bulletproof, self-repairing, and corrosion-, fire-, water-, and shock-proof, both in the physical and electrical sense. This also means that the stunning devices that are typically carried by the guards, which act as a wireless taser primarily focusing on neutralizing the nervous system, are dulled greatly when interacting with the material, resulting in a mildly painful shock and physical force like being hit with a large rubber ball moving at a medium-to-high speed, but lacking the immediate unconsciousness provided by a typical pulse.

    Background Information: Simon worked as a cyberneticist for the elite of the criminal community. Son of a doctor who had fallen from grace working in the aristocracy of the station, he had both the training and the incentive to escape the slums next to the station’s core. Though his father had refused to serve the underworld, Simon accepted their work when his father fell ill due to the undetected radiation pouring out of the worn part of the core near their abode. Despite his young age, being only in his teens when he accepted the job, Simon had been well trained by his father, who provided him with extensive education about his field while the information was still fresh in his mind. When his father died from radiation sickness despite all his efforts to save him, Simon was welcomed entirely into the criminal community, as his expert work had already helped save numerous criminals from unfortunate fates, as well as brought expert upgrades to those without need of saving.

    Funded by the extensive wealth of the criminal underworld, Simon began to operate on his own body, creating intricate reinforcements and upgrades to his body by proxy with designs of his own invention. He endeavored to improve himself further in other fields, becoming a veritable renaissance man of criminal activities. He educated himself in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat, as well as economic and technical concretes, allowing himself to move and hide money as well as any criminal banker and operate and hack numerous technical devices, from locked security doors to entire secure servers.

    In only a short amount of time Simon became an indispensable ally for the criminal underground, and formed a true friendship with the heir to one of the leading bosses of the crime syndicate that controlled most of the operations. However, his friend was murdered, and Simon was found red-handed over the body. He escaped the his pursuers, and realized that he was not safe anywhere upon the station or its surroundings, and endeavored to find a way off.
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    Name: Michael Cranston, Captain of the Hermitage

    Biological Information:
    Michael Cranston is in his mid-fifties, with graying brown hair, a once muscular body going to seed, and a lightly wrinkled face. His eyes are blue and he has a slight limp. He has burn scars on his back from rescuing Rory from an explosion.

    Background Information:
    Michael Cranston is a shrewd businessman. Born on a waystation that has since shut down. Michael is the youngest of three boys and his parents were honest traders. He had a good childhood and his parents now own a small farm and his family have all moved to live on Torus 3 to raise their own families. He has worked on ships his entire life and even owned a ship previously. His dream is start his own scavenging company but with so many out there he’s worried he started too late. Michael is previously married but the marriage fell apart and now even his children won’t speak to him.

    Rory Carter, first mate of the Hermitage

    Biological Information: Rory has dark skin, brown hair, brown eyes. She is young, tall, and muscular, and wears her hair braided back from her face to fall into a long tail down her back. She has her ears pierced all the way up and a nose-ring. Dark tattoos cover her forearms. She wears white-button down shirts, black pants, and sturdy boots. A pistol rests on her right hip and a multi-tool on the other.

    Background Information: Rory was raised on a ship by her father who had formerly been in the interplanetary security forces for the Torus system. He was a strict man who expected a lot from his daughter and who wanted her to join the Torus military when she came of age. Rory’s only companionship came in the form of the grizzled old mechanic who taught her how to keep a ship running.

    Rory joined the Torus military at 18, passing the exams with ease despite patchy schooling. She did well and even made it into officer training until a fellow student tried to grope her and she laid him out with the heavy wrench she had been using. Rory was brought up on disciplinary charges because she refused to explain why she had injured another student and found guilty. She earned a dishonorable discharge.

    Her father disowned her for the discharge. She soon found her way to working with Captain Michael Cranston before he bought the Hermitage. The two work well together and when he saved her from an explosion on their last ship she decided to follow him when he bought the Hermitage.

    Name: Astrid Pearson

    Biological Information: Astrid Pearson is in her late-forties. She has very few wrinkles, a lean body and short white-blonde hair and blue eyes. She smiles a lot, and is very friendly.

    Background Information: Astrid was born on a mining facility in the Polvo-Torus Asteroid Field. She is the oldest of six and left home early to join the Polvo military. She did well and was part of the Polvo assault on Terrigan as a pilot. She left the military with honors. She does not talk about her time in the military, however. She is Michael Cranston’s oldest friend having met him when his parents brought trade to the Asteroids.

    Michael Cranston’s family took her in when she left home to join the military and provided room and board for her when she left. It was to Michael Cranston that she returned when she found she couldn’t bear what had happened while she served. Though he was married he took in the unwed Astrid without second thought. Though he denies it Astrid believes it was this act that was the final wedge in his marriage.

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    Name: Ashina Goturk

    Biological Information: Human male, in his early 30s, standing at a height of 1.73m. His skin was originally pale, a common trait of those from the Aptenodytes Orbital, but after years of exposure to the sun-star from the extremely slanted axis of Vegas-10 it caused his skin — especially his face — to have aggressive-looking scars from sunburn. Some patches of skin, like the back of his hands and his nose, are burnt brown from the exposure. He has long, relatively unkept black hair that he keeps, eternally, in a thick, looping braid.

    Background Information:
    He’s from Aptenodytes Prime, and has been on the run from the academic society of Inter-Stella Bureau of Navigation (or ISBN for short) for several years. Thus far, he’s been to all five of the Aptenodytes Orbital, and is currently running around the neighboring Tau cluster dodging black market traders.

    His family is one of renowned historians, but his parents are black market trade route managers, specializing in pre-war artifacts and the copying of said written material into holograph tubes. Due to their work, they did not have much time for their only child. Ashina had tutors from young to educate him in both the academics as well as black market skills, and when he reached teenage years, he began to take interest in his parents’ work. However, before he grew of age, the Inter-Stella Bureau of Security Management caught his family’s trade transactions, tore down the business, and arrested and executed his parents. Due to not being of age, Ashina was cleared as a guileless, unwilling accomplice, and freed.

    He began to fake his identity and use that to enter institutes to steal references, maps, and guide books, hoping to eventually re-establish his parents’ trade route.

    He’s currently a (self-educated) specialist in cartography and trade philosophy and dabbles in ciphers, with special interest in the artifacts of maps and routes from before the War of Regression as well as those of the Old Planet. He’s on the run from the ISBN because he faked a professorship and stole several high-clearance holographic scans of important trade routes and military maps between the systems as well as the physical copies of several pre-war books and information files which are all banned from the public under Security Act IV. Apparently he caught the attention of the black market for having these treasured copies in his collection, and ran into them on the moons of the Tau System. All that dodging and running had made him into something of a improvisational parkour combatant and semi-professional con-man, with no qualms at playing dirty to get away.

    He also likes any information on the people of the Old Planet, because his traced his lineage back to the last of the pioneering generation, 400 years ago.

    -changing keys are tension-

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