Lia Krūsha

Biological Information : Lia is a 6ft human hybrid , approximately 24 years old. Black seal like fur covers most of her body with the exception of her face and her chest where it is a light grey color. She has typical human features, but her eyes are fully black for better night vision and maximum light absorb. Her fingernails are also black to match her fur.

She wears a black adaptive suit that was given to her by her creators. Its helmet protects her eyes and conceals her face.

Because of her stature she is often mistaken for a man.

Backstory : When the first humans reached Potark - 5 they found that it was harsher than expected. Potark - 5 orbits around a weak star and is shrouded in darkness for most of its revolution. Attempts at terra-forming were limited, the ground was frozen solid. With a thin atmosphere, it would take several years to make it habitable. They would have to rely on adapter suits until the conditions changed.

Not knowing how long the suits would last , the government commissioned a team of scientists research ways the human body could adapt better to harsh conditions . They experimented with human embryos, changing their DNA so that they could adapt to the new environment. .

The embryos were given fur to retain heat, and eyes adjusted for dark environments. Nanobots inserted to their blood to help them adjust to different atmospheres. The hope was to study them, see if the technology could be applied on future generations.

The first hybrids were failures, dying days after birth. Two years passed before they found success.

While some celebrated the advancement others saw it as a cruel and inhuman practice since it took several failures to make one success. The public called for the end of the project. The hybrids were sent away to other facilities and terminated. Hybrid engineering was banned.

Millenniums passed, the humans found ways to live on the land without the suits. The early years of colonization where forgotten and so were the experiments.

Until a group of ambitious scientists resurrected the project in secret. Little technology was left from that time, only one hybrid was created successfully.

They named her Lia Krūsha , after the pioneer of human - hybrid engineering. The scientists raised and educated her. Taught her the history of Potark - 5 and of the experiments. They made sure she understood the risks they took in creating her.

She was eventually found by a government planetary surveillance drone. Lia was captured and sent to a medical facilty for termination where she killed a guard while trying to escape.

She stowed away in ships moving from station to station to avoid the Kilps ( government agency of Potark - 5)
She picked up some fighting from when she would get caught but prefers to not engage when possible .

She found the Lightning 2 by chance and used her knowledge of adapter systems to make a small living.