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    September 17th Summary

    Yolnir's Journey
    Posted September 5th

    Another Jacket, another poem
    Posted September 7th

    The Stranger and His Guitar
    Posted September 11th

    Modern Day Hunters
    Posted September 12th

    The Path of Mastery
    Posted September 13th

    Who Cares about White Bears?
    Posted September 15th

    Silk Thread
    Posted September 16th

    Doomed to the Present
    Posted September 16th

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    September 24th Summary

    A Detective's Dilemma
    Posted September 17th

    Battle on the Mountain

    Posted September 19th

    Ghost Rider
    Posted September 19th

    Where Bougainvilleas Grow
    Posted September 20th

    When Pacino's Hot, I'm Hot

    Posted September 21st

    A Passel of Plumeria

    Posted September 21st

    Lucifer's Fingers
    Posted September 24th

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    October 8th Summary

    Old Jokes and Old Friends
    Posted September 30th


    Posted October 2nd

    Gardening Book
    Posted October 3rd

    Posted October 3rd

    Taking Time to Gaze
    Posted October 5th

    The Inevitable End
    Posted October 6th

    Posted October 8th

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    October 22nd Summary

    Pictures from the Drive-In
    Posted October 9th

    Where Boats go to Die

    Posted October 15th

    The Etherlands

    Posted October 20th

    Penny, Penny
    Posted October 20th

    Disgusting Disguise
    Posted October 20th

    The Matriarch
    Posted October 21st

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    November 11th Summary

    Posted November 1st

    Bahn Mi Lunch Day
    Posted November 2nd

    Brothers in Green
    Posted November 2nd

    Preservation Games

    Posted November 9th

    Separation Anxiety
    Posted November 10th

    A Man, A Bottle, and A Gun
    Posted November 10th

    On Moxley Cut
    Posted November 10th
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    November 26th Summary

    Pandora's Box
    Posted November 13th

    Lord Frieza
    Posted November 13th

    Damsel in Distress
    Posted November 15th

    Close Shave
    Posted November 16th

    Posted November 19th

    A Lamentation for Minos
    Posted November 20th

    Winter's Bride
    Posted November 22nd

    Mysterious Personality
    Posted November 23rd

    Is it a Hint or what?
    Posted November 24th

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    December 10th Summary

    Trend Abesha!
    Posted December 5th

    Two Dollar Bill
    Posted December 5th


    Posted December 6th

    Zeet's Feet
    Posted December 7th

    Memoirs of a Solitary Man
    Posted December 7th

    On Confucius
    Posted December 9th

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    December 24th Summary

    The Night the Dead Walked
    Posted December 11th

    Red Rose in Earthen Pot
    Posted December 15th

    In the Beginning
    Posted December 16th

    Wise Little Prophets
    Posted December 16th

    The Rocks
    Posted December 19th

    Orange City: The Triangle
    Posted December 21st


    Posted December 22nd

    A Life Worth Living
    Posted December 22nd

    Posted December 22nd

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    January 7th Summary

    An Introduction to Cricket
    Posted December 27th

    Life and Lovecraft
    Posted December 27th

    The Loner
    Posted December 28th

    Super Duck
    Posted December 29th

    Digital Concept
    Posted January 1st

    Petal Seals
    Posted January 4th

    Playing with Russian Roulette
    Posted January 6th

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    January 21st Summary

    What Song did the Sirens Sing?
    Posted January 10th

    Tales from a Mother
    Posted January 15th

    Posted January 16th

    Posted January 19th

    Posted January 20th

    Cave Canem
    Posted January 21st


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