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    How about


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    What's WF?

    You can find existing hashtags just by watching the drop down menu as you type #w... There are like a ton for writing. My favs are:

    and you can do hashtags that are topic related. I sell a series of post apocalyptic books so I also post under #TEOTWAWKI.
    Remember to go where the readers are. It's good to pick up other writer followers but they don't always buy a lotta books.

    Another trick is you can incorporate hashtags into your text to save characters. For example: I started #writing this morning at 0400... I was gonna use the word anyhow, so for the cost of one pound sign I now appear on the #writing thread.

    Funny side note: Stephen King freaked the hell out about the new 280 character limit. Said it was wrong and now twitter was practically facebook, no more economy of words...wah wah wah

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    I am promoting our 'Flashes of Brilliance' website on Twitter at the moment. Please can WF tweeps track #WF and retweet...cheers

    ETA: I used #WF instead of #wfdotcom

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    I've retweeted it. The wf hashtag does return some varied results, but I tracked it down.

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    Thanks, HC. If anyone needs a RT please send me a message.
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    I have a pitiful Twitter following! Please help!

    "If at first you don't succeed, aff wi' the bunnet, and in wi' the heid." - Old Glasgow proverb.
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    My twitter is @JohnFlukinger

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    I’ve never even seen a tweet. I am restfully tweetless. So nice.

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    Consider yourselves followed!
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