How many are left?

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Thread: How many are left?

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    How many are left?

    Hey all,

    So it's been awhile since the last RPG graced this section. I'm wondering how many of you out there would still be willing to throw a hat into the ring if someone could write a premise for a world? How many of y'all would be willing to write at least couple paragraphs every week or two (or less) if there was a game going, just to get a count for those interested?
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    I have not had much experience in online RPG'ing, but I would be willing to participate.
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    I'd give it a go if someone else did the organising.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArrowInTheBowOfTheLord View Post
    I have not had much experience in online RPG'ing, but I would be willing to participate.
    I've had some experience on IMVU.

    Quote Originally Posted by HarperCole View Post
    I'd give it a go if someone else did the organising.
    Same. Why not, right?

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    Im not the best but Ill give it another try
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    Well, what kind of story would everyone want to play?

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    Yeah, going back to the OP, what kind of world is it? Any geographical preferences? Biomes? Political structure? Economical statistics? Religious? Linguistics? I'm intrigued.

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    I meant my question a little more literally--what kind of storyline is every one comfortable with playing out?

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