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Thread: The now sentence.

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    Now the appointment dominoes flash patterns in parallel; attempts to focus on any one path producing kinetosis. Now.

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    Now squeaky clean panel window grids played fun-house-mirror-slide-puzzle; accordion pressure changes between maglock doors distorting reflections of preoccupied passerbys. Now.

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    Now the reality of sound control moves from digital images and data collection to published academic startup kindling. Now.

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    Now glowing globes of cottonwood mote,
    flashing future possibilities,
    swirl and drift
    in a fishbowl
    for the finless that sneeze. Now.

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    Now they swarm onto the transport, bipedal beings who have toiled for a cause that is not their own.

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    Now the air pulsed, buzz-hush; baffles of applause serving as transitory sandbars upon which the attendees stood shoulder to shoulder before inevitable submersion. Now.

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    Now the barrelesque stack of concrete anchors stood staunch beneath the slap-and-flap-white-satin-sails of tent sidewalls, bidding the updraft take leave before the evening's entertainment arrived on deck. Now.

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    Now there were not enough sunglasses to obscure the conflict between tears and smiles. Now.

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    Now my teenage daughter leaves the house with bare arms, impervious to the misty evening chill.

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    Now the smear of masking grey upon unseasonably warm summer sky blue looks like body repair primer; which, unfortunately, it is. Now.


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