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Thread: The now sentence.

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    Now a shuffling, lopsided gait has commandeered his body, this stranger before me with haggard face that I once called Father.

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    now the mingling
    subsequent tingling
    unimaginable expanse
    build. now.

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    Now the dawning of the sun comes out from the fragile pale clouds that spread aside, as if in flight, to welcome the midday.


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    now cautious breaths,
    breadth bereded,
    pendulous drift gifts,
    glance dance with
    gravity. now.

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    now grease pencil,
    plexiglass and white board
    bloom index cards
    reconfiguring -
    sprays and sprigs
    significant. now.

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    Now magpie landed on the fence.
    Her eyes transfixed, her tact 'defense'.
    Some food discarded in the back.
    And now she's ready to attack.

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    business booking binds,
    winds, designs
    a calendar
    less forgiving
    the shortening of day,
    giving way to exhale moments
    all sundogged whew. now.
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    Now sweet sirens.
    What have I done?

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