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Thread: The now sentence.

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    now the sizzle and spit
    of waters,
    sun summoned,
    the trace
    face space;
    edith lut tabet say lean. now.

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    now pervasive,
    cleave age.
    bruised bodies
    well tunneled-
    feathers funneled:
    lost linda list. now.

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    now wildfire ash,
    rose red sun
    red-eye black slacks
    treadmill run. now.

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    now mangy scruff, fluffy tailed,
    bounces, bounds and makes the rounds
    before scavenging
    peach pits
    flower pots. now.

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    Now cursive potatoes bake in the sun and roll down hills of paper-mache' while gizzards run the gauntlet and are swallowed whole by cardinal sins. now.
    "Self-righteousness never straddles the political fence."


    "The bible says to love your neighbor. It's obvious that over the centuries it has been interpreted as the opposite."
    (sarcasm alert)


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    colors confetti,
    stick to a sky,
    volatile -
    bellowing winter
    while autumn
    wishes to grill. now.

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    Now my eye stings after the Asparagras tendrils popped up while being moved. Now ow.

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    Now I know what I thought was true, it was a lie

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    now twenty things in common,
    so easy to do,
    a T-list
    of twos. now.
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