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Thread: What book has most inspired your writing?

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    I forget the name: a YA book set in post apocalyptic England in which those left to fend for themselves evolved to the new environment while those hiding in bunkers, thinking they were the lucky ones, stagnated. If anyone recognises it please let me know the title.

    It was a decent book without being fantastic, but i remember thinking i could actually write something as good. The first time i ever thought i could (i haven't - yet).

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    There are prolly about 100 or more books that specifically inspired me to write.
    But the ones that most inspired me to write the way I do would be: Catch 22, Giant Under the Snow, Creatures from Beyond, and Heinlein.
    Sure, Beverly Cleary was my earliest motivator, but she only inspired me TO WRITE, not HOW I WRITE.

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    "From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it." - Groucho Marx

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    Definately would have to be Stephen Hunts "Court of the Air". The entire Jackelian series actually.
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    Playboy too. The articles were always so fascinating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    Playboy too. The articles were always so fascinating.
    I actually have six books from Playboy Press...their fiction was outstanding and so were the interviews. Never did subscribe to the 'lifestyle'.
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    "From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it." - Groucho Marx

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    Probably The Lord of the Rings series. It's helped to deepen the imagery that I create within my fantasy writing

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    The very first book that inspired me to become a writer was Eragon by Christopher Paolina which I read in the fifth grade (I believe). But my taste in books has since expanded tremendously. I tend to focus on books that are some how connected to something Iím working on so setting, genre, strong female characters.
    So right now my writing is based in Charleston, SC in 1830s and so I have been listening to the book 12 Years A Slave which offers insight on the subject.
    Anything that fits like an anchor to my writing, really helps me immerse myself. Good luck!
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    I was reckoning up the other day, I must have read an average of about fifty books a year for the last sixty years, and I suppose most of them left some trace behind. The one that most affected my writing though was Rudyard Kipling's 'Plain tales from the hills'. I was introduced to Kipling as a child with 'Puck of Pook's hill' and 'Rewards and fairies', my mother read them to me as bedtime stories. He really is a master at telling a short story, I went through one of his stories about a young officer and two widows and copied the story in detail, changing the setting and characters, I learned a lot from that. If you want to read the result go to my web site (Link in my signature) and look for 'The Lion'.
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    Jack London's White Fang. More than any other book, it seems to me an allegory for what it means to become someone and find happiness--a theme I think is present in much of my work today.

    Steinbeck, too, challenged me to write about people as they are, where they are, in such an honest way as to elevate the ordinary into art.

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