What book has most inspired your writing?

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Thread: What book has most inspired your writing?

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    What book has most inspired your writing?

    Do you have a book that inspired or helped change/improve your writing style in some way?

    In my case, that would be 'Johannes Cabal the Necromancer' by Jonathan L.Howard - it affected the way in which I describe things quite a bit, and made me come up with more obscure and unique similes/metaphors, rather than relying on the obvious choices. ^u^
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    I believe mostly all the YA fiction I have read in high school has influenced my writing to some degree. Alex Flinn has definitely given me some insight to teenage drama. I grew closer to modern teenage drama when I started teaching in the public school district. The most significant change in my writing comes with relationships. I write from experience. My current novel takes place in the New York metro area. I live in Connecticut. The New England foliage is not a matter of memory or dream, but constant seasonal reality. I believe geographical location guides writers into different methods of writing. My undergraduate years has influenced a lot of my writing as well. I often incorporate my thematic focus or degree into my writing. I can't really say a specific book has changed my writing, but I know a lot of them contribute to the way I write.

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    Slaughterhouse-Five. I read it the first time as a teen, and it was the most beautiful book I had ever experienced. It's held up for me over the years. The story is thought provoking. The prose is both vulgar and sweet in turn, which still captivates me. If I could write like that . . .
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    inspired but never changed a thing....so many books to list
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    A book I loved as a kid was Time Bandits. I had flu and was really ill and made a nest in my bed where i was for about 2 and half weeks. I read Time Bandits and I was so into it with my imagination. I think having flu made me feel a bit dreamlike and away with the fairies anyway and I was so deeply engrossed in the book. My imagination was so transported. I could read at a very young age and loved fairy tales. I had a huge collection of ladybird books and would stare at the pictures and feel I was there. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=la...Hb-mDl0QsAQIQQ
    in one of the fairy tale books I think it was cinderalla as about 3 years old there was a picture of her and i thought she was the most beautiful girl ever and I kept looking at the picture thinking how so incredibly beautiful she was. The artist of these books was simply a genius in my opinion and his art is priceless.

    this is a link to images of the books. I always thought if I had kids one day I would get them all these books as it fires the imagination and once that has happened it is always in your minds eye. As I got older I loved the doors of perception by Huxley as I experimented big time with lsd. Huxley like me beleived in keeping your mind youthful and not be constrained by the adult restrictions people place on themselves and I follow that. He argued this was harder to do but well worth it.
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    The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. No books have ever spoken as deeply about society as they did to me.

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    When I was in fourth or fifth grade a teachers' edition of a junior high reader called Panoramas came into my possession during an extended illness and I figured out that my instructors were all cheating. If you have the right book, everything you need to know is in there.
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    Comic books.
    The Avengers and the Fantastic Four led me to science fiction. Dr. Strange led me to Lovecraft and horror. My first writings were comic books, which I printed on loose-leaf paper and sold to other kids.

    For print matter-Dangerous Visions is the book that inspired me to learn how to write fiction. I still want to have written "Gonna Roll the Bones". The book is still dangerous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by escorial View Post
    inspired but never changed a thing....so many books to list
    I am of the same mind.

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    Too many to list but I will give it a try.
    50 Shades and Twilight whilst I didn't enjoy reading them taught me things to avoid in my writings.
    Harry Potter taught me about wonderful characteration and multiple layers of characters.
    Many manga such as Battle Royal, Naruto, Bleach to name a threw inspired action and romance.
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