This section is the dead zone. Perhaps because you can't see it from the Visual Arts, Theatre, Music and Crafts header?

This should be one of the most interesting sections in the whole forum!

I am gonna post in here and get this place going.

I like to try and write songs with lots of imagery..

I'm gonna try and hopefully help anyone who wants to read to boost your own use of imagery, hopefully. No promises.

I'm going to try and provide a few visual the future.

and try and show you how i would exploit them.

The first subject is the wild, wild west.

The use of Trains, bandits, hobos, boxers & drifters..

You can use Youtube videos of old trains as imagery during writing, perhaps write about an episode of deadwood or Hell on wheels. That time frame.

I have several songs wrote about real people from this time period
This is a great quote at the end of the Sportcentury of jack dempsey (the last few minutes of it) on youtube.

"Whenever I hear the name, Jack Dempsey, I think of an America that was one big roaring camp of miners, drifters, bunkhouse hands, con men, hard cases, men who lived by their fists and their shooting irons and by the cards they drew. America at high noon.
Jim Murray

This is a perfect writing subject. Start at the beginning of it all. The wild wild west.

I'll post a few songs in the other section about this subject.

And show you what a tremendously huge source of inspiration this subject can's basically endless.

Pick a bandit, a boxer anything and try and create something that is an homage to them.

They don't even need to be a specific person as in the case of the song Folsom Prison Blues..

Johnny Cash utilized these rich subjects ideas over & over..with the themes of trains and drifters..