Blue Spider Press is a small press dedicated to giving a fair shot at publication to everyone. Don’t know us personally? No problem! Don’t have a graduate degree? That’s fine. If you take a chance on us, we’ll take a chance on you.

But in all seriousness, we seek to take back publishing from an establishment dominated by both big businesses and out-of-touch academics. Write what you want! Are you constantly frustrated with thoughts of how you could outdo a lot of what is widely circulated by big book companies and Ivory Tower journals? Here’s your chance to prove your worth.

We accept all pieces of writing you have–short stories, flash fiction, novellas, novels, poems, essays, reviews, you name it. We also encourage submissions of original artwork for our interiors and covers. See our submission guidelines page for more details. – See more at:

NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR OUR SECOND ISSUE! This issue’s theme will be noir–noir fiction, noir poetry, articles about noir topics, you name it–and don’t forget that noir is more than detective stories. Show us your dark, your discouraged, your hopeless, but also your light at the end of the tunnel.