Is there a post/FAQ here already concerning the dread "its"/"it's"?

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Thread: Is there a post/FAQ here already concerning the dread "its"/"it's"?

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    Is there a post/FAQ here already concerning the dread "its"/"it's"?

    I just default to its any more, and hope spell/grammar checker corrects me.

    It is (<--- safest) a blind spot of mine, like spelling "amount". There are brain cells that got smoked out in the 70s and never grew back.

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    There's +this post here.

    According to The Elements of Style:

    A common error is to write it's for its, or vice versa. The first is a contraction, meaning "it is". The second is a possessive.

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    It's means only two things: it is, or it has.

    Its is the possessive: its clothes, its hat, its fur, etcetera.
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    I used to have the same problem figuring out when to use "its" or "it's". I must have missed that day in elementary school. But there's an easy rule of thumb I now use whenever those brain cells malfunction: If the sentence works just as well with "his" or "hers", then "its" is the solution. Think of "its" as a non-gendered form of "his" or "hers" - no apostrophe needed on any of them.

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    Until around twenty years ago, I used to write possessive "its" as "it's". I knew the possessive was usually indicated by an apostrophe, but I didn't know that "its" was an exception. I even had possessive "it's" printed on the bills for my customers.
    One of my customers was an English teacher who pointed out the error of my ways. I had no memory of anyone telling me that "its" was an exception until that day. I corrected it on the next re-print.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Istine View Post
    I knew the possessive was usually indicated by an apostrophe,
    That was where I always screwed up, too.

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    Yeah, this was one of the things I used to struggle with even when I was writing essays at uni, embarrassingly

    I do the opposite to Sigmadog: every time I see "its/it's" and I want to check it, I just replace it with "it is/it has"; if it works, then I use "it's", otherwise I use "its".

    However, either way works well, IMO.


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