A writer struggles long and hard to produce quality material, but until a work gets sufficient exposure to get it into the hands of those all important first readers significant success is a dream. Here's an opportunity for exposure that both prose and poetry writers may look into.


From Mary Woodbury of Moon Willow Press
originally posted on Ecology in Literature and the Arts

The Read Green Books (extracts) subsite is now up at http://eco-fiction.com/read/ I have begun to populate this with sample reads from Moon Willow Press. This new feature will allow authors to online-publish extracts from their fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. The new feature will promote authors' works as well as provide readers with a diverse sampling of modern eco-fiction and nature writing. I will also consider books that have not been published yet, with appropriate permissions. The book should have some notability, including good reviews, press articles, and so on.

Feel free to email me at [email protected], with the following detail:

- Cover image of the book cover that is exactly 200px in height
- Permission to publish an excerpt (from you and/or your publisher) and to use the front cover image, 200px in height
-Time allowed to have on site
-Link for ordering the book
-Book title and author's name or pen name
-Publication date
-Extract in Word format (no longer than 10 manuscript pages for full-length works, 3 poems for poetry books, and 2 manuscript pages for short stories)
-Links to press or your social media

Please share with your writer friends!