It's official -- from today, 1st February 2016, the submission period for the Writing Forums' 2016 Annual Grand Fiction Challenge is now open!! We're getting the party started with a look at the full list of eligible contestants over in both the LM Coffee Shop and the Colors of Fiction Lounge, and over in WF Author Interviews, last year's stunning winning entry by Terry D: Quid Pro Quo, will be showcased. But now, Terry D also takes time out with us to discuss his thoughts and feelings on winning the 2015 Grand Fiction Challenge.


Terry, really glad you could take time out to chat with us.

Are you kidding? Someoneís going to ask me about writing? Iíll talk all day long.

You're the winner of the 2015 Grand Fiction Challenge. Can you tell us a little about your entry for the challenge?

I actually wrote two stories, Quid Pro Quo and one called Skitchy and Delmar Gig Frogs. I had a couple of folks at work read them and tell me which one they liked best. To my surprise, Quid was the favorite. Good old horror stories with bad people getting their due in nasty ways have always been a favorite of mine, so I was happy to submit my strange little tale.

There was no prompt for last year's challenge. How did you come up with the idea for Quid Pro Quo?

Good question. I wrote it in about two hours, and spent two days editing it, but I donít really remember where the idea came from. I know it formed around the opening line of the sixth paragraph: My life is measured now not by clocks and calendars, but by the comings and goings of the women who tend me. In my first draft, that was the opening sentence to the story, and itís still probably the best line in the story.

And How did you feel when you won?

I was surprised and humbled. There were some terrific stories last January, as there always are in the LM, by some great writers. I think this year will be even better.

This year's theme, Dead by Dawn, is pretty dark, but members are free to run with the prompt any way they choose. If you were a judge, what genre would you like to see more of this year?

Mainstream/literary. Itís really hard to do a good character driven, mainstream story in just 1,000 words. Itís easier to go for an emotional gut-punch with something scary, or to kick someone in the funny-bone with a humor piece than it is to tell a real satisfying, character driven, story under the limit. Iím looking forward to seeing what the community can come up with.

Thank you for joining us, Terry! And congratulations on last year's win.

Terry: Thanks. And thanks!


Challenge Hosts: kilroy214 and Bishop

Prompt: Dead by Dawn

Submission Starts: 1, February, 2016

Submission Ends: 15, February, 2016 (Midnight GMT)

For a full list of prizes, Challenge Rules, and Submission Guidelines, please see the LM Coffee Shop

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