>=< The Lesser, Greater, Equal to Game

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Thread: >=< The Lesser, Greater, Equal to Game

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    >=< The Lesser, Greater, Equal to Game

    This is how the game works. Someone writes a word phrase down

    Person A: Peanut Butter or Jelly

    Person B responds with either:

    Peanut Butter = Jelly

    Peanut Butter < Jelly


    Peanut Butter > Jelly

    Than starts the next chain with another word phrase. After Person B responds, they write something like Honey or Waffles. [don't ask why my examples were all food]

    So let's begin:

    Minecraft or Legos

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    Minecraft > Legos

    Reading or Writing

    (maybe this should be moved to the word game section?)

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    [I thought about that AFTER I saw the Word and Game Section, lol]

    Reading = Writing

    Paper or Plastic

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    paper = plastic

    hot or cold

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    Hot > Cold

    ? or !

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    ? > !
    although I often use them superimposed...

    memory or dream

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    Memory < Dream

    [Once I wrote about this. Memories are like clay, they are malleable, and shaped by those around us. They aren't as reliant as we like to think]

    Lime Jello or Raspberry Jello

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    Lime Jello < Raspberry Jello

    I think this is pretty obvious. Is there any such thing as a kid whose favourite suckers were the yellow ones?

    Baseball or Football
    I was fighting with temptation but I didn't want to win.
    A man like me don't like to see temptation caving in.
    Leonard Cohen

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    Me? I liked lime.

    Baseball = Football [both are boring to watch]

    Icee or Slurpee

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    icee > slurpee

    zipper or velcro

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