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    Rainy > extreme heat

    topiary or hedgerow?

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    Topiary < hedgerow

    Rice or bread

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    rice = bread (both excellent with real butter)

    stir-fry or stew

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    stir-fry = stew

    (depends on which meat or lack of meat, spices and the culinary creator...)

    waterfalls or an aquarium

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    waterfalls > aquarium

    stockings or tights
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    Stockings = Tights

    I don't like them both.

    Dolphin or Seal

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    dolphin = seal

    penguin or puffin?

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    penguin > puffin

    late night or early morning
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    late night>early morning

    tennis or ping pong?

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    Tennis = Ping Pong

    motorcyle ride or boat ride

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