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    Zipper < Velcro [velcro is easier to take off if it gets caught, zippers get jammed, break easily, etc]

    Winter or Summer

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    WINTER > summer

    I'm not too digital, I'm more the equi-sort.

    produce or inspect

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    Produce>inspect. Prefer to create my own stuff rather than inspect anything however not by much.

    Chocolate or Candy

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    Chocolate > candy

    the darker, the better - not for everyday consumption.

    function or aesthetic

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    Quote Originally Posted by -xXx- View Post
    function > aesthetic
    catsup or mustard

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    Oooh, new game! Not as fun as the others, I admit, but it's nice to know others.

    I have no idea what catsup is, btw.

    Mustard > Catsup

    Slytherin or Gryffindor
    -changing keys are tension-

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    Slytherin < Gryffindor

    pizza or cupcakes?

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    pizza > cupcakes

    author or genre?

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    author > genre

    formulaic or experimental

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    formulaic < experimental

    forest or tree

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