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    Prompt Reveal:
    - HERE -

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    It will be super exciting to see how this all pans out! The anticipation is killing me!
    ".... But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
    All losses are restored and sorrows end."
    - William Shakespeare, Sonnet XXX

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    Is there any way I can post this on farcebook so everyone can read it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazz cargo View Post
    Is there any way I can post this on farcebook so everyone can read it?
    If you want to visit the fb page we just shared the banner tonight. You can share it from there, otherwise you can copy and paste the link to this thread into your status.

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    I've given it a share too. Here's a direct link to the page: Writing Forums.
    "You don't wanna ride the bus like this,"

    Mike Posner.

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    Shared with both my FB friends.
    “Fools” said I, “You do not know
    Silence like a cancer grows
    Hear my words that I might teach you
    Take my arms that I might reach you”
    But my words like silent raindrops fell
    And echoed in the wells of silence : Simon & Garfunkel

    Those who enjoy stirring the chamber-pot should be required to lick the spoon.

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    Awww....Terry. I'm tearing up...

    Quote Originally Posted by Terry D View Post
    Shared with both my FB friends.

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    Alright. I have shared it on both my personal and my writing FB pages. Now, if I could only figure out what I actually want to write about, I'd be batting a thousand. Such is life.

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    For the lucky winners who will have to decide between these 2 books, here are some industry reviews for each:

    MY CRUEL INVENTION: A Contemporary Poetry Anthology, edited by Bernadette Geyer

    An outstanding collection of poetry about inventions and inventors, real and imagined. "The poems in this anthology converse not only with each other, but also with their readers and the world at large, in service to the continued human drive to create solutions-even to problems we didn't know we had." - Bernadette Geyer, Editor


    "Best Anthology . . . This is a wonderful array of imaginers telling their wild secrets and what they believe possible." - Grace Cavalieri, Washington Independent Review of Books, December Exemplars

    "It's true, the mother of invention might scoff at this delightful collection as being wholly unnecessary, but the rest of us will only marvel at the sixty-two poems focused on inventors and inventions." - Foreword Reviews

    LOVE HURTS: A Speculative Fiction Anthology, edited by Tricia Reeks

    Love Hurts contains twenty-six brilliant speculative fiction stories about love, and the pain that so often accompanies it. Sometimes funny, occasionally happy, frequently gut-wrenching-these stories will take your heart on a wild emotional ride. Stories by Jeff VanderMeer, Karin Tidbeck, Hugh Howey, WF members, Kyle R. Richardson and Terry Durbin, and others.


    "'I've always had a taste for dark,' says Reeks in her introduction, and she goes on to prove it with a top-shelf selection of tales, 20 of which are original to this book. . . A well-organized, wide-ranging collection of consistently strong genre stories." -- Kirkus Reviews

    "For fans of weird and beautifully written genre fiction, LOVE HURTS is a work that delivers 26 distinct emotional roller coaster rides, each as different from one another as they are from any other story you've probably ever read. As full of creativity as it is of heartbreak, it's a book that truly is full of surprises." -- IndieReader (4.5 Stars)

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    Great comments from the reviewers, TK.
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