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Thread: Somebody got a promotion!

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    Somebody got a promotion!

    Hey WF members! I just wanted to announce that Allysan has just been promoted to Media Manager on the Media Team. This means she'll manage our social media and other special projects in 2016! The job comes with this super awesome plum-colored recliner since, let's face it, managers don't really do any work. (Just kidding!!) Anyway, please help us celebrate!!

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    Yay, Allysan

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    Congrats! I'll trade that recliner for this folding chair! You can fold it! Much better than the recliner, you see...
    If you ever need a second set of eyes on your work, PM me for a critique! I'm happy to help

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    Kewl, nice going.
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    well done
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    That is my dream recliner TK and just in time for Christmas! What a gift!!

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    Congratulations, Allysan!

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    Je suis Charlie.

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    Imagine the horrible day where there are no more pictures of plum-coloured things on the internet to add to threads like this.
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