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    RHP...the intellectual properties of poetry are the furthest thing from my enjoyment of poetry..i see poetry in a street sign or a off the cuff remark by a stranger...poetry has the ability for me to mean different things depending on my emotional state and that is were i am with poetry. One can read a famous poem and appreciate the overall implications of it's structure,grammar and style but for me the words have to just appeal to me on that day or maybe another if i didn't like it first time read a poem without noticing many things is my first initial response then maybe i will look and appreciate the abilities of the poet to get it all working with a tune that has many working parts i only hear the end product and think little of the building blocks of a tune and poetry is just like that for me..i gues one can take a simplistic point of view of many things but maybe for me that is the real reason for enjoying poetry the way i do...simplistic interpretations of complex issues with no need to get the intellectual properties within because i can live without them..cheers dude
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    poetry that conveys goodbye...for things ended seem to be where i’m at. I don’t use poetry as a tool to portray my next new thing or for something i long for.. poetry is about what has gone and what is left and often the theme can be hidden and not until i’ve read a piece later that this can dawn on me. I read poems of love,passion and desire and boy do i get that inner need to feel that at times but it was not love or passion that brought me to poetry. Some poets can diverse into the two topics and often bring with them actual thought provoking poems about the life they have lead and the experiences they have gone through. Yet there are so many one trick ponies who cannot put into words anything other than sadness and a longing for a long lost love or a relationship that has ended a while since.The gut wrenching poetry out there of a child’s death or the traumatic episodes of life itself which although we lose sight of it when we go through it but it’s a fact of life sorrow..death and end..some can begin again and write wonderful poetry of what has gone before and what has replaced it but i seem to be attracted to the sorrow of people who tried,some harder than others to live a life after.....maybe stuck in limbo of that time when one was happy or now appreciate more those moments not cherished then but now. Often i try to hide in poetry but i can’ know that feeling of saying something without conviction because if you could you would, instead it seeps into your words and inside you long to scream out every day to the world this just ain’t right or how it’s meant to be. Poetry,poetry if i can say with 100% conviction is like a friend who helps me through tough times but never good times. I wonder as i read other people’s poems what brought you to poetry and how much of you is longing to wish you never had to write these words that are as much apart of you as the clothes you wear when you dress for all occasions. You are the words you write and as hard as you try the words cannot manifest themselves into something your true i feel the saying.. the pen is mightier than the sword...and life goes on folks.....often wanting to return and never arrive.

    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    i sat down in the park yesterday after visiting a grave and thought about writing another poem but the inner voice said what's the point..infront of me is a norman church or was and is now a victorian church surrounded by some old graves with inscriptions probabley read countless times over the years..families long gone and forgotten for most of them,war graves and big marble slabs for the wealthy...below runs a dirty old river and in the park people walking their dogs or getting from a to why write another poem about another day,another topic when all said and done it's just a few words written down and posted later on the net. Maybe i just don't get the fact that there has to be a point or a reason...i look for it in everything but often spend more time on that then the feeling of there does not have to be a point to writting poetry but just do it because your searching for a reason why you write poetry...looking back the reasons why i began to write poetry is clear but for some reason the thought of writting poetry for the rest of my life seems a very strange notion..the point of poetry may change with the years i have left and the reasons too but ultimitely maybe there is no need to find the meaning of everything we do sometimes it's ok to write pointless poetry for oneself......
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    ^ Poetry, prose, it's what comes through to the reader. Much of what you said es, hits a chord with me that may well have been diminished if conveyed in a poetic style

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    The simplest truths are written on the wall,
    where we see imaginary greatness in our fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeC View Post
    ^ Poetry, prose, it's what comes through to the reader. Much of what you said es, hits a chord with me that may well have been diminished if conveyed in a poetic style
    could you describe a pointless creative moment man...maybe you don't have them..?
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by escorial View Post
    could you describe a pointless creative moment man...maybe you don't have them..?
    Sorry, had to lie down awhile.

    Ummm, maybe my whole point in writing is pointless I'm always struggling with how to meaningly communicate with the materialistic inculcated culture, and many times know that silence is the best option Different cultural values and all that, I think you understand.

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    The simplest truths are written on the wall,
    where we see imaginary greatness in our fall.

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    pointless sounds so negative and maybe it isn't always so.....yeah man...
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    lately my reading of poetry as far exceeded writing the stuff and sometimes i get concerned that if you read to much you may start to write like your favourite poet,so i listen to other poets outside of my comfort zone but always it seems revert back to those i like the much doe's your fav poets influence your work is a question i think one should always be aware of and at times take a look at what's written down and check for to many often gets worried when i read a poem and that piece sets me of to write something similar with my own twist. I guess it's common to be influenced and nick the odd bit here and there but what i really want is my own words and my own ideas.The best way to approach this is probably to read less and this is one of the deadly sins when it comes to writing anything.....
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    i feel that reading poetry on this site for a few years now that i have read how poets have revealed more about themselves than maybe they realise. There is the direct poems,my life is going down the pan,something died inside of me stuff but along the way i have read into many works a certain kind of unravelling.It's all subjective on my part but what i get from poetry is so many hidden and unrelated meanings that i find the whole thing a very moving and at sometimes disturbing experience.The power in poetry goes way beyond any other form of art for me,lyrics,novels,paintings all have that element of self absorption but poetry seems to bring out the inner most thoughts and feelings that the emotion often comes straight at me and i think how cool you had the confidence and often the courage to write such a thing. Brave and courageous are words that we can all relate to and often people face these experiences alone and it could be years later when they write a piece that the feelings just roll out into the words and produce a poem of outstanding emotional content.I see very little distinction between famous poets and poets on this site,the level of poetry is more than just my piece about something i would like to express to any lesser degree from the most famous of poems.I read a poem yesterday and i thought how far have you got and where will it was a great feeling to think i could react to another poets words and appreciate that in my eyes the words have such an edge that the meaning was uplifting and the poets ability was boundless.This experience is profound for me because i have read more poetry by people on here than by my favourite famous poets and i believe the bigger influence on me is the poets on here who i have read and watched them achieve a level of poetry far beyond the norm.
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Get off at my stop, I'll meet you there.
    Glad it was acute kebab, BTW
    You brilliantly describe two fascinating truths about writing poetry:
    first, exchanging poems and comments online almost every day with other members of a more or less peer group, where you also chat a bit in a friendly way:
    It totally blew me away how much better, more deeply you know each other when you meet in the real world after a year than people you work with every day.

    Second, reading versus writing poetry: the right balance, the risk of unconscious borrowing.
    I hadn't read any current poetry, just classics and famous modern poets, when I stumbled on a poetry board and wrote my first poem. Reading several years of Best American Poetry really opened my senses and my sense of what a poem could be. I think most amateur poets like me write too much, read too little. In your case, I wish you would write more!

    NaPoWriMo Medallist twice. Just sayin'.

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