Suffer the children :-)

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Thread: Suffer the children :-)

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    Suffer the children :-)

    This morning the wife took me to the grocery store. While she checked out I parked the electric-cart and started for the car. At the crosswalk several cars stopped as I made my way across.

    Nice people save for one driver. The young intellectual hollered out, "You couldn't go any slower if you were dead." So I smiled at the individual and tried to go slower

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    In the early decades of Washington, DC, the capital was a small town of wooden houses and muddy streets. Two congresscritters (John Rudolph of Virginia and Henry Clay of Kentucky) met face to face on a plank laid across a mud puddle. One of them would have to step into the mud.

    Rudolph didn't like Clay, so he stood his ground, saying, "I never step out for scoundrels!" To which, Clay replied, "I always do." and cheerfully stepped out into the mud.
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    I would have just bent down to tie my shoe.

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    I live one block from a middle school. Every day at 2:30, half the school parades past my apartment. Some of the things these kids say to each other would make even Donald Trump blush.

    Last Wednesday, I was walking home when I was verbally accosted by a little kid on a bicycle because I just happened to be walking past a driveway he wanted to turn into. I don't understand spanish, but it was obvious to me that whatever he said to me was quite foul. There was a Verizon worker nearby, and the shocked look of disgust on his face confirmed this. The kid was probably Mexican, and my first instinct was to yell "Build the wall!" at him, but I did not as that would have been politically incorrect.

    It really pissed me off, but I comforted myself by remembering that he and his entire generation are in for a lifetime of obesity, depression, and dopamine malfunction because they've chosen to trade off real life experience for existing wholly within an expensive, pointless, radiation-spewing electronic device that they'll have to replace every year because capitalism has made them it's bitch.

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    I know how to swear pretty good in Spanish. Being fluent, I know some incredibly vile things in Japanese. LOL
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    Was it hard to learn Japanese? I assume the first rule of pronunciation is to sound like you're angry and constipated.

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    I often have little hope for the future. Then I hear stories like this and have less.
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