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Thread: Kilroy214 is Pretty in Pink!

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    Kilroy214 is Pretty in Pink!

    Turns out, kilroy214 can rock the pink end of the color palette!

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    He's agreed to don the pink robes as a Global Moderator! We're tickled pink to have him!
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    I wonder what amsawtell thinks about her stud in pink. Wait... wait... actually, don't tell me...
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    An excellent opportunity to test out our new global uniform!

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    I have to say, I am not too scared to wear pink, and I can look damn good in it too.
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    I admire men who aren't ashamed to wear pink. Did you know it used to be the color for baby boys? It was seen as a "watered down" version of red which represents vitality and strength. There was a huge marketing campaign in the late Victorian/early Edwardian era to change pink to a girl's color and baby blue to a boy's color.

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    well done...i'm sure salmon will suit you...
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    True. Salmon is always a better diet than tuna

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