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Thread: Count to 100 before a mod posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by belthagor View Post
    Here are the rules, each post is a number, 1...2...3...and so on

    If a mod posts the countdown resets back to 0.

    We get a point for reaching 100

    Update: and half a point for reaching 10

    you can tally the half points for 10
    and even stretch it to correct
    post multiples of 10
    up to the first footnote post reference

    don't get me wrong,
    that was teh awesome
    one number per post
    is pretty simple to vet.

    *raises ONE toast*
    *winks at accountant*
    *solid 2 with 1 for persistence*
    *finishes counting strands in the carpet*

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    and back to the fourth dimension we go.
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