Count to 100 before a mod posts

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Thread: Count to 100 before a mod posts

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    Count to 100 before a mod posts

    Here are the rules, each post is a number, 1...2...3...and so on

    If a mod posts the countdown resets back to 0.

    We get a point for reaching 100

    Update: and half a point for reaching 10

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    And content managers are not mods, don't worry

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    let your Smile change the world , but don't let the world change your Smile .

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    i'll take "four", because i believe this is a word game

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    Chances are a mod has already seen this thread, and is now just waiting until we're one short of a hundred before posting ...
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    I think you're right and that your count is already screwed up. Start over. And for heaven's sake, get it right this time.

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    Frick! 1
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