The Spirit of Pandora

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Thread: The Spirit of Pandora

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    The Spirit of Pandora

    About a year ago, we lost one of the kindest spirits that ever graced the green walls of WF. For those who didn’t know her, she was a mentor who always had a kind word to say. She had the ability to brighten your day with a gentle word of encouragement. Those that were here during Pandora’s era will know what I’m talking about.

    Lately, and maybe this is me, I’ve noticed a trend towards people not being so nice to each other. Some seem to have their own agenda. There are those who seem to think if certain aspects of the forum aren’t to their liking, it is their duty to somehow destroy it. Some of us seem to forget that it isn’t just that person’s individual forum (though Cran could obviously claim that- he doesn’t), but is everybody’s forum to share our works and ideas. It is a forum where we should be helping each other (and most of us still do) as opposed to trying to get a rise out of people.

    So in the spirit of that, I’m bringing back Pandora’s witch for the month of October. Maybe when we think of her, we will treat each other with respect, and maybe, just maybe we will feel just a little better of ourselves- and each other.

    (And anyone who wants to use the witch in their signature, please feel free. I think Pandora would like that)
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    Pandora was before my time, but this is a sentiment that I can get behind. For many of us, this isn't just a forum, but a home away from home.

    Thanks, Mustard.
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    she was always one of my fav members and friends here. and yeah. she was definitely a sweetheart.

    as far as sentiment, i see a few squabbles every now and again. don't think that can be helped much,
    as creative people are usually very opinionated. but really? it was FAR worse when i 1st came here than it is now.
    this place had a lot of nasty arguments the 1st year i was here because of the debate forum, and then
    these attitudes spilling over from the debate forum into other areas. now it just happens every now and again
    (as far as i've seen), but back then? it was everyday.
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    One can only imagine what she was like in person as a WF member she was awesome
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    Pandora was very kind and I think she'd like the sentiment, Musty.

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    Oh Pandi, we miss you so. Very positive and optimistic person. I wish there was more Pandora's in the world...
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    I wish I had known her. Every time I see people talk about her it seems everyone held her in high regard. It's lovely to see the legacy she left here for her disposition.
    ".... But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
    All losses are restored and sorrows end."
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    I thought that the person whose picture is in the beginning of this post was still active... I thought I'd seen that picture before, maybe on the Post a Selfie thread? Anyway, I go along with the sentiment, and I'm sorry that she is gone.
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    I do not know the lady in question, but what a beautiful and kind thought. Well said Mustard Snr.

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    she was absolutely beautiful in every way. but i have to say...i almost resent this thread. why? she pm'd me
    and messaged me here and on facebook, and she accepted EVERYONE for who they were. that was her nature.
    she loved everyone, regardless of their hang-ups and faults or negative or positive inner feelings. that was her nature.
    she loved EVERYONE. she even dug the shit out of ME....who tends to be combative at times. i don't think pandora
    would have wanted everyone to just "shut up and get along". she had this knack for accepting personalities
    for what they were and sincerely liking our personal quirks. that's why we were friends.
    "Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.”

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