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Thread: Things that please you

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    Well narrated documentaries e.g. Planet Earth with David Attenborough
    Atrocious poetry
    Picture books
    Cupcakes without frosting
    Sea shells
    December twilights
    New music from favourite artists that completely eclipse prior albums
    Flea markets

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    The smell of trees
    Trees are wonderful, a single living thing that big, and from a seed, amazing. I love looking up into them and watching the wind moving them in the sunlight.
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    A whole swathe of entertainment, all sorts of lengths, all sorts of stories, all with that 'Olly' twist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruno Spatola View Post
    When your socks are a little too tight, and the elastic leaves pink grooves in your shin . . . and you scraaaaaatch at it, and scratch at it, ooover and oooover again, stunned at the level of pleasure you're receiving 'til ya just can't take another second.

    I know, right?
    I once had an allergic reaction to artificial sweeteners in a yogurt. I broke out in body-wide hives. I happen to own a back scratcher in the shape of a bears paw.

    It was torturous, but when it started to wear off, that last ten minutes.... oh yeeeaaah.
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    The barking, tail wagging and pure happiness of Betty (dog) when I come home.

    Cats purring.

    When the roses bloom.

    The uncorking of a bottle of red.

    The smell of shepherds pie.

    A nice hot bath.

    A cuddle.

    An open fire.

    A nice cup of tea.

    Children laughing.


    A full moon.

    Sparrowhawks, swallows, swan seen whilst out walking.

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    Instructional YouTube videos. They are the best white noise.

    Autumn in a town with modern architecture.

    Playing football in 50 degree weather.

    Spending time with good friends.

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    Telling a story only you know, having seen it played out, heartbeat by heartbeat.
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    The smells of autumn
    Hot apple cider
    A good bra

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    Quote Originally Posted by amsawtell View Post
    Your Solstice Challenge medal is so prettily colored. Purple and lime green.
    "All men are weak at some time in their lives. Strength does not make one capable of rule; it makes one capable of service." -- The Way of Kings, Brandon Sanderson

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    Maple smoked sausage...(shhh...Don't tell, I'm not supposed to have it!)


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