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    Another Chapter in Life

    Got a new job after having held my old one for seven years. The old one merely paid the bills and I was doing what I called "treading water". Not sinking under, but not really getting any closer to shore and out of the water to catch my breath.

    The new jobs pay isn't the best, however I can make TONS of overtime, double and triple time. Along with the benefits of health, dental, employee profit sharing plan, 401k, I get to fly and drink for free! All this for doing Physical Labor, plus some. Luckily this company promotes from within, so I can always switch to another position if I feel the need to.

    Been saving myself money by brown-bagging it, and going to bed super early (like 6-8pm) so I can be at work by 5am (I get up between 2-3am). Gotta get eight hours of sleep lol. Currently on an off day about to change over to the evening schedule for one week, and hoping my car holds up till I get paid. Minor annoyances the dealer tried to make into a bigger deal than necessary. I hope. Other than that, trying to get in some much put off writing.

    How is everyone here!?

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    Hey, Cranium. Long time no see. Good luck with the job. It sounds like a good one
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    Mustard!!! Good to be back. Hopefully can be on a bit more now haha. Thanks! Looks like you've been moving up in the world as well!

    I'm still in the "probation phase", and thus with my training I get the feeling there's kid gloves on to shield me from the true reality of the position I've signed up for, but I think I can handle it! Just working over at BWI. Not gonna say for what company tho, seeing as how they can see anything online with their name mentioned in a post. Thus I'll never digitally say jack about who I work for lol. Liking the benefits so far!

    Side's life here, how you been?

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    Ah, so that explains the free flying privileges. I had thought about BWI for the same reasons. Yeah I guess you could say I'm in a 'probationary' phase here too ( I became a super just last week). I'm staying pretty active as usual here.

    Good to see you around
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    Good to see you around too MM! Glad you're keeping busy

    Ughh. Let's see how the evening shift shakes out. Primarily I've been working 5am-2pm, today starts a week of evenings from 2pm-10om. Plus I committed to dragging my 300lb linebacker buddy to his gym after work tonight since he's always griping about nobody being consistent enough to work out regularly with him. Should be fun!

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    Glad to hear you're excited about your work, man, and welcome back! I gather it's been awhile, I don't think I've seen you around.
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    Wotcha CI,
    good to hear you are getting your life on track. If ya need to wind down you can always find a quiet corner here.

    'Luck Dude

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    Thanks Atlean, I've been sorta like a whack-a-mole around here. Whenever I'm in a super-writing-ish mood I pop in for feedback or just to shoot the S**t.

    BazzC, not familiar with the term "wotcha" but I'm guessing it's complimentary, or a multi-usage term like Aloha. Definitely hoping I can be more consistent here with the new hours and all. I'll definitely be around!

    Thanks for all the well wishes!!!


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