Finished My First Novel! (1st Rough Draft)

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Thread: Finished My First Novel! (1st Rough Draft)

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    Finished My First Novel! (1st Rough Draft)

    I've been absent from the forums for a while. I pretty much joined up, reviewed a bit, then hid from the world.


    So I had a bit of a break through with my writing, and I was able to actually friggin' finish my first rough draft of my novel (119,537 word count)! Just finished the ending this morning and wanted someone to jump up and down with me!

    Anyways, now that I'm actually in the editing phase, and I've discovered my voice for decent fiction, I'll start posting some stuff in the Sci-Fi forums.

    I've gotta say, it feels pretty good to finally have it all on (digital) paper!

    Holy crap, I wrote something!

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    I finished my first over a year ago.

    I am still in the editting phase. Granted, mine was 300k words, now 210k.
    Looking for beta readers for a 22k word novella set in medieval/fantasy.

    The rags to riches story of a scavenger.

    Please PM me if you would give any amount a whirl!

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    Well done Cody. You have got further than many.

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    That is AMAZING!! Yay!! I am jealous but not in a negative way

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    Fanbloodytastic! And I'm seriously green.

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    Thanks! I'm Freakin' excited. I'll let it sit for a little bit before I start working on chapter 1. I've hated that chapter since I wrote it -_-

    I'm aiming to get this work down to about 100,000 after editing/polishing. Hopefully my fellow contributors and writers-at-arms will help me out

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    Congratulations! It is a wondrous achievement. From what I've heard, editing is the most painstaking part of novel-writing, but don't let that deter you. Let it sit for a couple of weeks and then start editing. Don't do it immediately after you've finished it.

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    Congrats! now quit hogging all the focus. Some of us need to finish their stuff too.
    Everyone's life is like a story. The problem is few people take the time to really understand their own story, much less bother to even read anyone else's.

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    Congrats! I'm so close to finishing my first too. I bet it's an awesome feeling


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