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    I have been working on this off and on for about four/five months and it's still not all the way done or how I really want it. I keep tossing pieces and redoing them, so I decided to share it and see how everybody likes it.
    There are some adult bits in the story so I think it'll be best if the readers were over 18.
    Anyhow~ Enjoy the story.

    ~~Ronnie’s Point Of View~~
    It was around six o’clock on a very chilly Tuesday in September and I was sitting at my cubical on the fifth floor of the building where my job was held. I worked as one of the seven gossip journalists for a weekly magazine that was called, The Weekly Rag. I was currently typing away on my cherry red work laptop about a story about Miley Cyrus doing drugs yet again.
    Suddenly there was a soft chime that came from my email, I moved my slim pointer finger across the mouse pad to the email icon, and I clicked on it and saw a group email from my boss, Thomas Spoon. I smiled faintly to myself as I clicked on the email from him.
    Hello fellow journalists,
    There is going to a premiere party in Georgia for the hit TV show, The Walking Dead, there is just one journalist spot for our modest magazine. I had a thought that it would be fun is there was some sort of a challenge, if one of you can type up more than ten test questions for Norman Reedus, the actor of Daryl Dixon, and send them to me by five o’clock tonight, you will get the spot.
    Have a satisfying day.
    Thomas. M. Spoon
    Lead Journalist.
    I gnawed on my lower lip, as I read the email. I leaned back in my black leather chair, sighing heavily. Only one journalist can get the chance to interview Norman Reedus. I thought to myself as clicked on the ‘reply to all’ button that was on the bottom of the email and started typing my message.
    Hello Thomas,
    This is going to be a great challenge. I am a huge fan of the show and the graphic novels; I am also a fan of Norman Reedus. I am thrilled that one of the five gossip journalists that could get the chance to interview Norman Reedus.
    After I get a refill of coffee, I will do some research so that my questions will be unique.
    I hope that you are having a great day.
    Veronica Tucker, Gossip Journalist.
    I clicked on ‘send’ button and then stood up to get my third refill of coffee that morning.
    As I poured the coffee into my lime green coffee cup, Sofia, my next-door neighbor and my very best friend walked in.
    “Hey Ronnie, What cup are you on?” She asked me as she smiled a pearly white toothy smile as she grabbed a plastic fork in a drawer that was near the sink.
    “Number three.” I mumbled at her, looking at her, “What are doing here in the gossips break room?”
    Sofia’s desk was a floor below mine. She did the Ask Sofia weekly piece. Where people across the state write questions for her to answer. She was very good at her job; she usually gets over a hundred letters a week.
    She gave me a slight shrug with one of her shoulders, “I heard about the mass email to the little gossip journalists, are you doing to try to get that spot?”
    I gnawed on my lower lip, thinking hard, “I would love to, but I know that Aria, will probably get that spot.”
    Sofia’s bright dazzling blue eyes widen at me, shaking her head at me, her long golden locks flowing over her shoulders, “You should still try.”
    My eyes brown eyes met with Sofia’s and I heaved an exhausted sigh, “I will still try.”
    Sofia gave a little pat on my arm, “Okay, I got to go back to work.”
    I laughed softly as she walked out of the break room and to the doorway to the stairs. I waved at her, “Okay, see you after work.”
    Once I got back to my tiny cubical, I went to, found Norman Reedus’ username and clicked on it so that I could figure out what sort of questions to ask him. A half an hour later, I had twenty-four questions typed out.
    I read the questions one last time to see if I could think of any other questions to type out, I couldn’t, so I clicked on the ’print’ button. I stood up, straightened my black skirt that hit just below the knee, straightened my white blouse, and rushed to the copy room that was next door to the break room. I grabbed my single piece of paper and decided on just to go to Thomas’ office.

    Thomas was a fifty-something man, who had short brown hair that had a few gray hairs peppered through it, bright blue eyes and he was about a foot taller than me, so I always had to glance up if I was standing next to him. He always wore his silver-rimmed glasses, fancy looking black suits with a thick black tie and nice black dress shoes. I had an irresponsible crush on him, though I never ever acted on it, because I was too shy to.
    His office was on the other end of the floor, it was near the editor’s office and the gigantic conference room where we had our monthly conference.
    I reached his dark wooded door and before I could even knock on the door, it fluttered opened and Aria stood there.
    We never got along, not ever. All because since I have started working for the magazine, I found her around my cubical, trying to break into my always-locked desk to get my top-secret stories.
    “Oh, hello Ronnie. Are you here to hand in the test questions to ask Norman?” She sneered at me quietly.
    I swallowed my unpleasant comment and glanced up at Thomas, who was standing behind Aria. I handed my paper to Thomas.
    “HI, Thomas. I would like to hand in my test questions.” I said calmly, as Aria rolled her radiant green eyes at me.
    Thomas nodded his head at me, “Ah, very good. I was actually waiting for your test questions. Aria, you are free to go. Ronnie, come on in.”
    I moved slightly out of the way so Aria could walk out.
    As she walked pass me, she nudged my shoulder and muttered under her breath as she walked pass me, “Boss’s pet.”
    I grinded my teeth as I heard her, I glanced up at Thomas.
    “Come on, Ronnie. I would like to talk to you for a second.”
    I walked into his office and sat into red leather that was across his cheery red wooden desk, folded my hands in my lap and looked at him as he closed the office door gently.
    “I just read your email,” he sat down behind his desk and placed the piece of paper on his desk, “I am glad that you did some research before you started thinking of questions. I have read your questions,” he pointed at the paper, “and they are very rare.”
    I felt my cheeks redden, “Umm… Thank you very much, Thomas.”
    He shrugged his shoulders at me, “I am just stating the truth.”
    I smiled softly at him, “So what did you want to talk to me about?”
    At that, he stood up and walked to the tall file cabinet, opened a drawer and took out a thick red binder, then placed it in front of me.
    “You are the lucky gossip journalist, Ronnie. You are the one who can interview Norman Reedus next month.”
    I felt my lower jaw dropped and my eyes bug out.
    “I am the one?” I gasped at Thomas, who just smiled at me.
    “Yes, you. Is that alright, Ronnie?” He asked softly as he sat on a corner of his desk. He pointed everything out as he spoke to me.
    I smiled up at him, “This is a dream come true, thank you so much, sir. You have no idea how many times I have dreamt of interviewing Norman Reedus, maybe since I saw him a short film called Meet Me In Berlin maybe four years ago, that film was filmed while he was in the actual hospital in Berlin. It was after he was in a car crash many years ago.”
    I knew that I was jabbering away but I could not help it.
    Thomas just smiled kindly at me, “I can tell that you will enjoy this assignment. I am thrilled for you, Ronnie.”
    After he said that, I could go home, I stood up, grasping the three-ringed binder and I walked out of the office, I was in the hallway, near the elevators when I realized I forgot to tell him something, so I dashed back to his office.
    “Sir?” I asked without knocking.
    Thomas glanced back up at me, “Yes, Ronnie?”
    I walked hastily into his office, “Umm…I forgot to tell you, I sent you the Cyrus piece, and I just thought I should remind you.”
    He swiftly checked his email, “Ah, yes I see it, thank you very much, Ronnie. See you tomorrow.”
    I waved at him, “See you in the morning. Would you like me to bring you your coffee, sir?”
    He chuckled lightly, a soft charming noise, “Yes, thank you.”
    I nodded as I fixed my purse that was falling off my shoulder, ‘No problem at all. I’d do almost anything for you.’ I thought to myself as I hurriedly left his office.
    Once I got to my modest apartment, my three-year-old cat jumped on the half-wall near the front door and chirped at me. I put down my purse and kicked off my flats, “Hey Besiteos, did you miss me?” She chirped again, I smiled as I petted her head between her ears. Besitos was a female kitten that was a little gray longhaired cat that my mother got me when I graduated my journalism classes in the local collage.
    I shuffled to the massive bedroom; I changed into gray sweatpants and a light cherry colored tank top. After I changed, I looked into my wall mirror that was in the hallway between the bedroom and living room and I looked at my refection. I had bright brown eyes that were surrounded by dark long lashes, I had no facial freckles, my nose was tiny and narrow, my lips were thin and rose colored, my hair was the color of coffee and it was straight was a sewing needle, it had no wave to it at all. I was slender and very miniature for my age, I was nearly twenty-seven.
    I reheated some red beans and rice for dinner then I plopped myself on my soft pink couch as I turned on the TV, Besiteos joined me and sat next to my hip. I ate in silence as I watched a Harry Potter movie on some movie channel. After I was done eating, I paused the channel and washed my bowl and fork, I fed Besiteos her dinner then went back to lie on the couch.
    Partway through the movie, my cell phone started ringing.
    I quickly picked it up, after I saw Thomas’ name flashed on the screen, “Hello Thomas.” I heard him shuffling some papers, so he was still at work, “Ronnie, I am delighted that I reached you. The Cyrus section was brilliant writing. I got the editors running it tonight so it will be in tomorrow’s publication. I have been impressed with you lately, really. Ronnie, you are my best gossip reporter right now.”
    I listened to him, I was speechless, “Uhh...Thank you. I am glad you liked that piece.” “How did you know that they were dating? No other reporter for any other magazine knew about that news.” Thomas asked me softly, I chewed my thumbnail on my free hand.
    “I dig until I find the truth, I guess.”
    Thomas chuckled full heartedly, “Well, I am very glad you work for me.”
    I laughed with him, “I am glad too, Thomas. Is there anything else you want to tell me while you have me on the phone?”
    Thomas was silent for a moment, “No I don’t. I will see you tomorrow morning, Ronnie. Have an excellent night.”
    I smiled softly, “Good night Thomas, don’t stay at work all night, and you need your rest as well as me.”
    Thomas chuckled again as he shut a desk drawer, “Yes ma’am, I am actually leaving now.”
    At that, we hung up. I learned a week after I started working for him, Thomas never said ‘bye’. I stood up and shut off the TV, locked the door, then shut off the lights that I turned on after I got home from work.
    I shuffled to the little bathroom and brushed my teeth, put up my hair in a messy bun then climbed into my queen-sized bed that was in the middle of my bedroom. Besiteos followed me like a gray fuzzy silhouette everywhere I went then climbed onto the bed on her round pink princess pillow that my mother sewed for her when she gave her to me.
    ~~Norman’s Point Of View~~
    My iPhone ringing awoke me, on a very chilly Wednesday morning in Georgia. I groaned quietly and rolled over to my nightstand.
    I hastily grabbed my still ringing phone and answered it rudely, “What do you want?”
    It was my co-star and most of all, my female best friend, Melissa McBride, with her optimistic voice, “Wake up, sleepy head. You are a half an hour late for work.”
    I groaned loudly again, “Fuck, I’ll be there in a bit.” I barked as I hung up and got dressed, not even thinking of taking a shower because at work, I will just get grimy and covered with sweat. I was the actor of the redneck with a crossbow Daryl Dixon, on the hit TV show, The Walking Dead.
    The workday went by fast, by eight o’clock that night; I was at a local bar in the town that we were filming in. A small group of my co-stars and I were sitting at the bar drinking a few beers and laughing loudly about something ridiculous that happened at work. I was laughing along when suddenly I felt my phone vibrating in my back pocket.
    I excused myself from the crowd and stood outside of the noisy bar to answer the call, “Norman Reedus speaking.”
    I listened to the person on the other line, it was a journalist from a small town in Michigan, and his name was Thomas Spoon. He was telling me that his best journalist would be interviewing me in a month. Thomas also told me her contact information just in case she got lost or ran late. I quickly took a napkin and a pen out of my pocket, wrote down her contact information.
    “Her name is Veronica Tucker but she likes to be called Ronnie. She gets touchy if you call her by her birth name. You got that, Mr. Reedus?”
    I wrote that down also, “Yes, thank you, Mr. Spoon is there anything else I should know about Ronnie?”
    I heard Thomas chuckle softly, “Ah, yes. She is a gigantic fan of yours, Mr. Reedus.” I smiled, “I think almost everybody who has cable or Netflix is a fan of me. Thank you for notifying me, I will contact her later, just telling her that I am looking forward to meeting her. Goodbye, Mr. Spoon.”
    Then I hung up, I decided to walk the cabin that I was renting and unlocked the back door, my black cat met me in the kitchen, he stared up at me with bright emerald eyes and meowed at me, I shook my head, my dark disheveled hair flopping into my radiant colored eyes, “Give me a moment, fatso.” The black overweight cat followed me into the living room, dining area and to my bedroom. Then he watched me change out of my filthy clothes from the workday and into a pair of black jogging shorts. I saw him struggle to get onto the bed.
    “You need to be put on a diet, dude.”
    The darn cat just glared up at me and meowed at me again.

    His name was Eye In The Dark, and it fit him flawlessly, because my floors in my New York City apartment were a very dark black wood and when you look at him, you could only see his eyes peering up at you from the dark floors. In all honestly, it is somewhat creepy sometimes, like when you had to use the bathroom at night and all you see in the hallway is two green eyes, starring you down.

    I walked back into the kitchen to feed the darn fatty, He made the house shake lightly as he leaped off the bed and ran after me, “Come on, EITD. It’s dinner time for you, fatty.” If I were too lazy or tired from working all day to use his full name, I would just call him by EITD. My fifteen-year-old son, Mingus was the one who actually started calling Eye In The Dark that.
    EITD purred loudly and he rubbed his face over my legs as I poured him his food into his black and white skull bowl then I put it down near his matching water bowl. The bowls were a gift from a fan, I always keep everything that my fans give me, and it makes them happy to know that I actually keep all of their gifts. I walked back to the bedroom and plugged in my phone while I jumped into the shower to get the dirt and fake zombie guts off me.
    After the shower, I decided on spending a text message to Ronnie.
    ~ Hey Ronnie, this is Norman Reedus. Your boss Thomas Spoon just gave me your contact information. I did not want to bother you with a phone call and I do not know what time it is there in Michigan. Anyhow, I am eager to meet you next month. I look forward to hear from you, Ronnie.
    It took Ronnie about ten minutes to answer back to my text message, I was in the kitchen, pouring myself a large glass of milk and grabbing a chocolate bar.
    Norman, it is nice to hear from you. I am counting the days until I get to interview you.
    I smiled at Ronnie’s text message. It was short and straight to the point. She seemed normal, not too crazy like some of my fans were. I chose to reply to her message.
    Is that so? How many days is it until you interview me?

    Ronnie~ Four weeks, so 27 days. J
    You sound really excited to be interviewing me.
    I am! J
    We went back and forth like that for about three hours until I said that I needed some rest then we said our good nights to each other and I went to lie down in my bed.
    ~~Ronnie’s Point Of View~~
    It had been a whole week since I got the first text message from Norman and we had been text messaging each other nearly every single day. He was the one who always started the convocations because I never wanted to message him while he was on set or anything.
    It was around nine o’clock in the morning on a Monday when Norman finally text messaged me. I absolutely forgot that I had the sound on and his text message tone, which was a motorcycle revving. Therefore, when I heard my phone going off I jumped suddenly in my chair.
    Thomas some of the other reporters looked at me, “Sorry, I forgot that the sound was on.” I said faintly.
    Thomas nodded gradually at me, “Was it that one person that you are trying to get a story out of?”
    “Yes it is. Is it alright that I keep talking to Mark while I am in the meeting?”
    I decided to call Norman by his real first name, so that the other reports will not know whom we were talking about.
    TThomas nodded at me, placing his glasses back on his nose. I dug into my purse and fished out my phone, then I opened Norman’s text message.
    Good morning, Ronnie, how are you on this fantastic day?
    I smiled as I read Norman’s text message. He sounded like he was in a very fine mood. I typed out my response as I listened to Thomas talk about Aria being fired and why he had to let her go.
    Good morning, Norm, my day is going by very slowly. I am stuck in a monthly conference; our top gossip journalists were fired last week so Thomas is explaining to the rest of the group why. She was trying to steal stories from me. I think the night that I caught her going through my desk; she was looking for the notes that wrote that gained me the spot for the Georgia reporter.
    It took Norman a half hour to respond to my text message. I was back at my cubical on my work laptop working on another piece for Thomas. I took a small break from typing and I looked at my phone.
    That is bullshit that a journalist would try to steal your piece. Therefore, you are telling me that you had some sort of contest to win the spot to ask me some questions. Are you happy that you won?
    I replied to his text message, my two stumpy pale thumbs flying across my phones’ keyboard.
    I am very pleased that I won this spot, I get to get away from Michigan for two whole weeks and I can hang out with the stars of my favorite TV show. I am not thinking of it as work, to me, it is more of a break. I adore what I do; I have always wanted to write, even when I was a child.
    I put down my phone and went back to the laptop, did some research and heard his text message tone go off again.
    Ruth, the older woman who shared the cubical wall with me looked up above the wall at me, “Someone is admired today, I see. Who is the individual that is texting you a great deal today?”
    I deliberated on telling her, the urge was too much for me to hold back, so I told her, “It’s Norman Reedus. He started texting me a week ago when I got the reporter spot to go to Georgia.”
    Her hazel eyes widen as she glanced at me, “You’re the lucky reporter to get to ask him questions? Oh my, Ronnie, that is amazing!”
    I smiled vibrantly at Ruth over our cubicles’ wall, “I am very worried, but I know I will get Norman talking about his secret girlfriend.”
    At that moment, the reminder on my phone told me that I still did not look at Norman’s text message. I jumped as I heard the motorcycle revving again, “Oh, I didn’t read it yet.”
    Ruth smiled at me, waving her hand at me, “I’ll let you go back to work. Have fun flirting your way to a story.” I smiled as I unlocked my phone and read Norman’s reply.
    I bet you are an excellent writer then. By the way, I am on break, so we can text right now. I bet you are at your desk writing something for your magazine.
    We went back and forth for a few minutes without any breaks. I sat back in my desk chair as I replied to Norman’s text messages.
    My boss thinks that I am a very fine writer. Aria, the other reporter probably thought so too. That is probably why I caught her at my cubical at least a once a week since she started working for Thomas. I am actually working on a little piece, nothing major. Most of my pieces do not make it on the cover.
    Once a week?!? You are joking, right? Please tell me that you are joking.
    I wish that I was, but I am not. The worst part is that I was not the only person she tried stealing from either.
    That is insane! Why would anybody want to steal from another reporter?
    Somebody who does not want in the effort or somebody who thinks it will make them look superior to the boss to have a great story.
    That is crazy. I have to go in a bit. They need some Walkers killed by a crossbow.
    I smiled a little at his message. From that message, I knew what he was in Georgia for The Walking Dead. I wanted to ask if he was working on a new season, but I did not, I decided to ask that when I go to Georgia to question him for the magazine.
    Okay, message me later?
    Of course, I will. Talk to you soon, Ronnie.
    I put my phone back in my purse and went back to work on the piece that I was working on. About noon, my best friend and next-door neighbor Sofia walked up my cubical.
    “Hey you. Are you ready for a lunch break?”
    I smiled as I looked up at my tall, short blonde haired best friend, “No, I have too much on my plate right now. Oh I have a question for you.” I said as I grabbed my purse, I pointed to the women’s lavatory that was down the hall.
    That was our place to gossip in private. Sofia got the hint and walked towards the door of the lavatory.
    “You got something juicy to share, dot ya?” she asked once we were in the lavatory and I locked the main door, as I looked at myself in the wide mirror that was in front of the two sinks.
    “Can you kitty sit for me next month for two weeks?”
    Sofia’s bright blue eyes starred at my refection, “You go the Georgia spot? Oh my goodness! This is your chance to make a name for yourself, girlie!” She stood at the back me then hugged me tightly, “That is so great! Of course, I will baby-sit your lovable fur baby. That is no problem for me.” She spun me around by my shoulder, “Okay, seriously, are you anxious?”
    I opened my mouth to speak when the motorcycle revving notification went off from my purse; Sofia cocked her cute head at me, “What was that?”
    I was already digging into my purse, “Its Norman.” I said confidently at her as I unlocked my phone.
    She looked at me as if I had two heads, “Wait hold on! You mean to say the hottest guy on television and the one guy who you are supposed to interview in a month is texting you, like right now?”
    I blushed a deep red, “Actually, he started a week ago.” I said calmly.
    Sofia’s thin eyebrows shot up to her hairline, “A whole week and you didn’t tell me?” I bit my lower lip as I nodded, “Yes.” Sofia shook her head, sighing heavily at me, “Okay, tell me everything.”
    While we walked back to my cubical I caught her up on the pass, week and what we shared in our text messages.
    Sofia was extremely happy for me, “This might be a story in itself. You know that, right?” She said in a hushed voce.
    I looked at her and cocked my head at her, “What are you talking about?”
    Sofia pointed at my phone, “This isn’t just a random guy texting you while you are at work. That is Norman fucking Reedus, Ronnie. This could end up as a true life ABC Family romance movie or whatever.”
    She waved her hand hastily.
    I shook my head at her, my hair that was in a ponytail, swinging slightly, “Don’t get ahead of this. This,” I pointed at my phone because the reminder that I didn’t see Norman’s text message yet just went off for the third time, “isn’t anything but a massive error.”
    Sofia glared at me, “Girl, this is your chance to write your own story for the magazine!” I sat down in my desk chair, sighing, “Maybe you’re right, but he doesn’t even sound interested in anything but friendship.”
    Sofia shook her head and rested her arms on the half wall between us, “Just go with it, do whatever feels right, and see where it goes.”
    I nodded, “Okay, I will.”
    Sofia turned to go back to her cubical, “Oh, Don’t you dare erase those text messages, print them out if you can, they could help you out if you plan on writing about this.”
    When she was gone, I finally looked at my phone. In the twenty minutes that I was updating Sofia, Norman had texted me three different times!
    Hey, I am back for a bit. How is your day so far?
    Are you there? Ronnie?
    I guess you got busy. I have to go back to work, I will try you later.
    I sighed putting down my phone on the desk, “Poop.” I said softly.
    Ruth looked at me, “What’s wrong, doll?”
    I shook my head, “Nothing, just missed my chance to text Norman back, he just went back to work.”
    She nodded at me, “He texted you back didn’t he?”
    I smiled back at her, “Yes, three different times.”
    Her smile got a tad bigger, “Three times?”
    I gnawed on my lower lip, “Yes, but now he is working.”
    She shrugged her shoulders at me, “Text him back.” She smiled tenderly at me, “If I had that gorgeous guy texting me, I wouldn’t make him forget about me.”
    I smiled as I grabbed my phone, “Okay, Ruth. Thank you.”
    She went back to her work… I tapped my pointer fingers on the side on my phone as I thought of something to send Norman, but even before I could, his text message tone went off. I jumped as if a bomb just went off. After catching my breath, I looked at the message.
    I am headed home, work is done. I hope you are all right.
    Ruth glanced at me, who was poking her head over the half wall, “Was that him?” I nodded my head slowly, “Call him, doll.” I gnawed on my lower lip. He was going home, so I could call him. Before I could chicken out, I hit the “call” button and put my phone to my ear. I listened to his end ring four times, as my heart did that ‘jump out of chest’ thing that you see in old cartoons.
    Finally after what seemed like a lifetime, I heard his rough voice in the earpiece of my phone, “Hello, Ronnie.”
    I did not even realize that I was holding my breath until I tried to speak; I had to clear my throat quietly to seem semi normal, “Hey.”
    I heard him suck in his breath. I could tell that he was smoking because I smoked as well. I also heard other people in the background, so that told me he was still on set or somewhere with people around. “You sound nervous.”
    His southern drawl for his TV role slip out.
    I smiled tenderly as I felt my heart melt, “I am nervous.”
    He chuckled softly, “And yet you were the one who called.”
    I bit my thumbnail, “Because I thought it was safe to. Are you still on the set?”
    I heard him take another drag of his cigarette, “I am, but I am about to go home. Today was a short day. How was your day?”
    I crossed my legs as I typed something on my laptop, “I am still at work, and I don’t leave until late sometimes. I am always the last one to clock out, well besides the boss.”
    He laughed quietly, “That doesn’t stun me. I googgled you today, why didn’t you say anything about how beautiful you are?”
    I stopped typing suddenly; Norman Reedus just called me beautiful. “Because I don’t think I am.” I muttered softly.
    Norman made a noise; it was like a half grunt and a half laugh, “I don’t lie about a beautiful girl.”
    My cheeks flushed a bright red, “Well, thank you.”
    Norman’s line was quieter now; I could not hear other voices, “No problem. Is there any reason why you called?”
    I gnawed on my lower lip, “No, not really, just kind of bored at work, so when you said that you were heading home I thought I should call you.”
    I heard a car start and Norman cursed under his breath, “Ah, sorry. I just dropped my cigarette in my lap. I am doing too many things at once with not enough hands.”
    I giggled softly, “Are you okay?”
    “Yeah I am okay.” Norman said.
    I saw Thomas walk out of his office and down the long hallway; I stood up and waved him over to my cubical, “Give me a second, Norman. My boss just walked by.”
    I put the phone face down on my desk; once Thomas was at my cubical, I whispered to him, “Sir, I have Norman on the phone.”
    He nodded, looking at the papers in his hands, “Very good, maybe you won’t need to travel to get the story after all. Keep up the great detective work, Ronnie, please keep me posted.”
    I nodded at him, “Of course, thank you.” I watched Thomas walk down to the copy room and I grabbed my phone, “Okay, I’m back.”
    Norman chuckled, “No worries, I understand totally about being in a high stress profession. Are you getting ready for Georgia?”
    I sat down back in chair as I listened to him, “I am. Thomas, my boss, wants me to do some things before I leave. Meaning, I have like three stories to hunt down before I go.” I sighed heavily as I rubbed my eyes.
    As I spoke, I heard a new chat message chirp from the laptop. The chat message was from Thomas. I did not even see him walk back from the copy room to his office. I clicked on it and read it.
    Befriend him, make him comfortable with you, maybe then he will slip up and leak something to you. Keep it up, Ronnie.

    “Sounds like you’re his right hand reporter.” I heard Norman’s voice in my ear; I almost forgot that I was still on the phone with him.
    I quickly typed Thomas a message as I spoke to Norman, “Maybe, I don’t think so though. I feel more like Cinderella getting ready for the ball with her prince.”
    Yes sir, I will. We have been talking off and on for about a week, he is slowly opening up to me.
    Norman made another noise, “I doubt that. However, I would love to see you in a ball gown. He spoke very highly of you when I spoke to him on the phone the other day.”
    I was taken aback, “He talked about me?”
    Norman chuckled softly, “Yes, just some little things about you, nothing bad.”
    Then I heard him swear again then mutter, “Stupid driver. Sorry I’m driving home.”
    I smiled softly, “Does Mr. Reedus have road rage?”
    That made Norman full out laugh, “You could say that.”
    I laughed along with him, “Oh boy. Good to know.”
    I reached for my bright red snoopy coffee cup and saw that it was empty, “I need a refill.” I stood up, still holding the cup in my free hand and walked to the break room. Norman’s voice came through from my phone, “A refill of what?” He sounded confused.
    I was pouring some coffee in my cup, “Coffee, when I am at work I down at least seven cups of coffee.”
    I put some chocolate flavored creamer in my cup and stirred it with a straw, “Seven cups, a day? Gezz I bet you are wired when you get home.” Norman said while he chuckled.
    I walked vigilantly back to my cubical and saw that my chat window was blinking blue; I had an unread chat waiting for me.
    “No, my body is used to it by now.” I said as I opened the chat window and I typed a message back.
    All right then, just do not get emotionally involved to this story. I do not want to lose you.
    You will not lose me sir. I will be careful.
    “What are you doing? You sound sidetracked by something.” Norman said as I heard a beeping then a thump of a car door, he was probably home now.
    “I am, kind of. It is work related, sorry. I am still here, though.” I heard him talking quietly to somebody else, “Are at home now?”
    I heard a soft chuckle, “Yes, EITD is bugging me while I take off my boots. I’ll feed you in a bit; stop trying to make me fall on my ass.”
    I knew whom he was talking about because Norman would post pictures of his cat on his Twitter account.
    I took this time to kick off my flats under my desk, “I have a cat also.”
    That peeked Norman’s curiosity, “Oh, really?” I smiled, “Yup, she is a gray long haired cat.”
    I heard Norman grunt in pain, he was probably aching from working, “What’s your cat’s name?” I toyed with a pen that was in my free hand as I leaned back in my chair, “Her name is Besiteos it’s Spanish. It means...”
    At that, Norman interrupted me, “Little kisses. That is a sweet name, Ronnie.”
    I heard another chirp from my laptop; I put down the pen and lean forward. It was a chat message from Sofia; I opened it as I spoke to Norman. “Thank you, my mother named her though.”
    You are talking to Mr. Dreamy Eyes, aren’t you? You bad girl, what if Thomas catches you?
    ‘Mr. Dreamy Eyes’ was a nick name that Sofia gave Norman about a year ago when she introduced me to The Walking Dead. Ever since then that is what we called him when we ever talked about him.
    How did you know that? ~O Besides, it is work related.
    I heard Norman chuckle again, “That is cute. How old is Betsiteos?” His Spanish accent when he said her name gave my goose bumps.
    “She is almost four years old.” I heard another chirp from my laptop.
    I was walking to and from Thomas’ office and I saw you blushing. How is Mr. Dreamy today?
    I might have laughed at the message because Norman asked, “What is it?”
    I chewed on my lip for a second, “My best friend just sent me a chat message, sorry.”
    “Oh, you are talking to me and your best friend when you are supposed to be work. You are a rebel.” Norman said as he laughed. Another chirp went off. I glanced at the laptop.
    You are a bad girl. I know it’s not work related for you. Is Mr. Dreamy Eyes naked?
    I had to bite on my lower hard to keep from giggling from the message, “I probably am, but Thomas doesn’t mind if I talk to people. Just as long I do my work. Talking to you is my job right now.” I said as my thin pale fingers flew across the keyboard of my laptop.
    Stop it, Sofia.
    “You do consider me as work?” Norman said softly.
    I shook my head, “Oh of course not. I would never think that, Norman.”
    Yet another chirp from that darn laptop.
    Norman must have heard it because he asked, “What are you two talking about? I can hear your laptop chime like every five seconds.” I read Sofia’s message as I listened.
    Bite me, Ronnie.
    With a sigh, I told Norman what we were talking about and that we had a nickname for him.
    Norman seemed amused, “A nickname? What is it?”
    I blushed a bright pink, “Uhh... Do I really have to tell you it?”
    “No, you don’t have to.” He muttered into the phone.
    I thought about it for a moment, “We call you Mr. Dreamy Eyes.”
    Norman was completely silent for a few seconds, “You think I’m dreamy?” He finally asked, chuckling.
    I blushed, wishing I kept that to myself, “Umm… Yes… I guess I do.”
    Norman was still chuckling, “What site are you chatting on? I have an important phone conference coming up shortly and I still want to talk to you.”
    I gave him my email address, “I use the chat setting from the email.”
    After writing down my email address Norman said, “Got it, thanks. I will message you in a moment. Talk to you later, cutie.” At that, he hung up. While I waited for Norman’s message, I messaged Sofia.
    He knows about our nickname and he is about to have a phone conference with some people. He just asked if we could chat! He still wants to talk to me while he is on the phone and he called me ‘cutie’
    Then I took a few sips from my hot coffee and heard two chirps from my laptop. Norman and Sofia messaged me. I clicked on Norman’s first.
    Hey, Ronnie.
    I quickly typed him back, smiling brightly at the laptop screen.
    Hey Norm, that took you forever. (Just kidding!) What is the phone conference about?
    After I sent that message, I jumped to Sofia’s message.
    You told him?!? Why did you do that? ‘Cutie’? Oh boy…
    I sighed loudly as I typed out my message to her.
    Thomas told me to make Mr. Dreamy Eyes comfortable with me, so I have to tell him some semi personal stuff about myself, so shut up.
    I quickly minimized the two chat windows as I leaned back and sipped on my coffee. ‘Was that too personal?’ I thought to myself, I shook my head slightly as a voice inside my head reasoned with me, ‘No, you need to open up to him, so that he can spill about the lady friend.’ I sighed as I put down the cup of coffee. ‘Maybe I should open even more to Norman. Tell him some personal stories about myself.
    A chirp from my laptop made me look at it; it was a message from Norman. I bit my lower lip as I clicked on it.
    It is about the last season of TWD, what might happen in the next season and if Daryl will ever die. The usual mindless bull crap that reporters ask about, please tell me now that you ask the same mindless questions,
    Of course not, my ‘mindless’ questions will be semi personal. Most of my questions are not even TWD related.
    I smiled as I quickly responded to his message. I heard a chirp as I stood up to use the lavatory. I decided I would look at the messages when I got back. I rushed while I used the lavatory, and I quickly walked back to my cubical. I had three messages waiting for me. One from Sofia and the other two were from Norman. I decided to open Norman’s messages.
    I feel so dumb right now; I was just talking badly about reporters. Please forgive me, I did not mean anything by that.
    Please tell me that you are busy and not sitting there, being pissed off at me.
    I shook my head, smiling at my laptop screen. I typed him back quickly as I smiled to myself.
    I am not mad at you; I had to do something quickly. I know that some reporters ask the same stupid, mindless questions. All because they do not dig around and see that other reporters already asked the same exact questions that they want to ask. The other reporters are not me; I poke around the internet for hours to see if any other reporters asked what I want to ask.
    After I hit the “send” button, then I went to Sofia’s message.
    What kind of ‘personal stuff’? Do you mean what happened with Ryan?
    A huge wave of emotions hit me in the gut. Ryan, how could I ever tell Norman about him? I heaved a sigh. Ryan was my first real long-term boyfriend. Everything was fine the first month, but soon after that, I saw a much darker side of Ryan. He started to belittle me, talked badly to me, hit me, yell at me, force me to stop being with my friends and family, and then the worst part, he raped me. It happened five years ago, but it still hurt whenever I thought about it.
    I might tell him.
    I sighed heavily as I hit the “send” button then I sat there starring at my laptop screen, gnawing on my lower lip. I lost track on how many minutes I sat there, lost in thought. My laptop finally chirped at me and shook me out of my thoughts.
    I sat back in the chair and read Norman’s message.
    So you don’t ask the same questions as the other robots? I am so thrilled. So tell me something about yourself. You probably know everything about me, so I want to know some things about you. Do not tell something that everybody knows. Share something personal.
    I starred at my screen for a few moments, trying to figure out something to share with him. Before I even realized what I was doing, I was typing away on the laptop keyboard.
    My father walked out on my mother and me when I was only four years old. I remember sitting in the living room window for months, waiting for him to come back. Then when I was 22 years old, my first boyfriend abused me, every way possible. About that time, I started to withdraw from people, buried my emotions and stayed at library more and more. When I was 23, I moved into my own apartment and started to break out of my shell a little. What else do you want to know.
    ~~Norman’s Point Of View~~
    I was in shock when I read Ronnie’s message. Her father just walked out of her life when she was little and then her boyfriend abused her. ‘Whenever we talked she always seemed carefree and upbeat, she must be a strong person to go through all of that and still smile.’ I thought to myself while I starred at my laptop that was on my low to the ground, light wooded coffee table, I was sitting on my black leather couch, still on the phone with three reporters.
    “Okay, Mr. Reedus, that is all. Thank you for talking to us, it was great talking to you.”
    I cleared my throat, “No problem. Good bye.”
    Then I hung up. I tossed my phone to the other side of the couch and typed Ronnie back.
    That was not what I was expecting. That is horrible, Ronnie, but you seem very strong. You always sound cheerful whenever we talk, even if we are talking via messages. If you ever need someone, I am just a phone call away.
    Ronnie took twenty minutes to reply to my message; while I waited, I checked my Twitter account and my email. After that, EITD jumped on my lap, wanting to be petted.
    “Hi big guy, I think I am starting to have strong feelings towards this Ronnie chick.” I said as I petted him.
    Then my laptop dinged, telling me that Ronnie replied to my message. EITD jumped down and stalked away with his long bushy tail high in the air, I moved my laptop closer to me so I could read her message.
    It happened in the past. Thank you very much Norman I am glad that you think of me as a friend and not just a reporter, fishing for a story.
    I rested my bristly graying haired chin on one of my palms as I read her message. ‘Of course I consider you as a friend.’ I thought o myself. I typed her back quickly, as I chewed on my lower lip.
    If you can, call me. I think it will be easier. If you cannot I can understand.
    It was two minutes or less when my phone started playing “I don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith, Ronnie’s ring tone.
    I grabbed my phone hastily and answered it, “Hey.” I said as I stood up and cracked my back.
    I heard Ronnie swallow hard, “Hey Norman, I didn’t realize that you’d answer so quickly, I just took a huge gulp of my coffee.”
    I chuckled, “It is okay. How is work, so far?” I asked her as I walked to the kitchen to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
    She heaved a sigh, “It’s long, I could do this at home, but I wouldn’t get paid.”
    I licked the peanut off the butter knife, “That’s a bummer; I bet you would be on your couch, cuddling with Besiteos while you talked to me. Am I right?”
    I heard a soft giggle from Ronnie’s line, “You remembered my cats’ name.”
    I chuckled as I added the strawberry jelly on my sandwich, “Of course I did. Why would I forget what you tell me?”
    I ripped a paper towel from the roll and wrapped my sandwich in the paper towel; then I walked back to the living room to sit on the couch. “I don’t know, I just thought that you wouldn’t remember anything about me.” I heard Ronnie squeak out; it reminded me of Minnie Mouse.
    I chuckled loudly, “You are appealing to me.” I confessed to her, and then I took a small bite of my snack.
    There was a slight pause where I guessed she was blushing or biting her lower lip, as most girls did when they were embarrassed, “You think I am appealing?” Ronnie’s voice was soft. I wanted to laugh, but I held it in. “I do, actually. I hope that is okay.”
    I took another bite as Ronnie spoke. “It is fine, I don’t really mind. I think you are interesting.”
    I swallowed my bite, “I’m interesting, eh?” I chuckled.
    “Yes, you are, very much so.” Ronnie said softly.
    I finished my sandwich and threw away the paper towel in the trash, “Well, thank you, sweetie.” I said as I walked to my bedroom and flopped backwards on my bed.
    There was a few seconds where nobody spoke, then finally after a long while, Ronnie spoke, “What are you doing?”
    I looked at my black wooded ceiling fan, “Laying on my bed, talking to you. What are you doing?”
    I heard someone talk to Ronnie, but I could not hear what they were saying, then I heard Ronnie say, “Hold on a moment Norman.”
    Then I heard her put her phone down on a hard service.
    While I waited, I heard my laptop ding from the living room, I got up quickly and walked to the coffee table, it was an email from Sean Patrick Flannery. He was also a costar of mine in a few movies that I did a few years ago.
    Hey dude, I am just checking on you. What have you been up to? How is life treating you? Has Duff-man contacted you about BDS 4? I am fucking ready for it, man. I hope you can get your Irish on, little brother.
    “Another fucking Boondock Saints movie, is Troy Duffy fucking crazy?” I rubbed an eyebrow, sighing deeply, “I am getting too fucking old for this fucking shit.” I said as I replied Sean back.
    Another BDS?? Is Troy trying to kill fucking us? I will have to see my TWD work schedule and see if I can squeeze it in. My life is a crazy mess right now, interview after interview. However, this one gossip magazine reporter sounds cool; we have been getting to know each other before she travels from Michigan to Georgia to interview me. We have been talking for about two weeks and we are really hitting it off. She is fucking gorgeous. Google her, when you have some free time. Her name is Veronica Tucker.
    Ronnie’s voice came back on the phone, “Okay, sorry about that. Ruth, my cubical wall neighbor wanted something before she clocked out for the day.”
    I smiled as I heard her sweet voice, “It’s no problem.” I said, “So people are going home? Are you headed home too?”
    I rested my bare feet on the coffee table next to laptop.
    “No, not yet, I’ll go home in a few hours.” Ronnie said as I heard her rustle some papers.
    I nodded, rubbing my chin hairs, “Hmm, okay. Can we still talk?” I said softly, getting a little nervous.
    “Of course we can, you’re not bothering me, Norm.” Ronnie said quickly. I chuckled, “Okay then, good to know.”
    I heard Ronnie laugh with me, soft and sweet. It was an adorable laugh.
    “So tell me about your work? What do you actually do?” I asked her, curious about her occupation.
    “I am one of the three celebrity gossip reporters for the magazine, there are five of us. I am usually sitting in my cubical, hunched over a laptop, digging through website after website to figure out a story to tell. Or I get handed an idea of a story to write about and I have to figure out how to get the person to spill.”
    I listened to her, “Okay, so do you ever write false stories?”
    I heard her squeak out, “NO!”
    I chuckled at her little sound, “Okay, okay. Calm down Minnie Mouse. It was just a question. Don’t get you’re panties all wet.” I said as I stood up.
    “Did you just say what I think you just said?” Ronnie asked quickly and softly.
    “Uhh what part?” I asked her quietly, rubbing the back of my neck.
    “The wet panties part...” Ronnie mumbled softly then she spoke a bit louder, “Wait! You just called me Minnie Mouse!”
    I held in a laugh, “I believe that I just did.”
    We ended up talking for way after she got home; we took breaks to make ourselves dinner, fed our fur babies, and whenever one of us had to use the lavatory. We talked about whatever came to mind. It was comforting that I could just talk about her about anything.
    After a while I decided to tell Ronnie about the email I got from Sean.
    “Sean emailed me earlier tonight, while you put me on hold while you were still at work.” I said as I climbed into my bed, plugging in my almost dead phone.
    I heard Ronnie put her phone down for a split second then came back, “Oh really? Flannery? What did he say?” She sounded like she was in bed also.
    “There might be another Boondock movie.” I said as I put my free arm under my head.
    Ronnie gasp, “Oh really? That is amazing. Do you want to do it?”
    I heaved a sigh as EITD joined me in bed with me, “I think I have to, or the fans will be pissed.” I moved my arm so I could pet EITD, “I don’t know, honestly. I think I am getting too old for doing all that. You know, doing my own stunts and whatnot. My body will just shut down one of these days. I’m no spring chicken anymore.” Ronnie moved slightly in bed.
    “I understand that. You are twenty years older than me.” She muttered softly.
    That completely shocked me; I was talking to a girl who could be my fucking daughter.
    Holy shit, you are joking with me.” I said as I laughed.
    Ronnie was also laughing, “No I am not.”
    After a moment of laughing, she stopped suddenly, “Does that bother you?” She sounded so serous when she asked me that.
    I took a moment to think about her question.
    “No it does not bother me; age is not an issue with me.”
    I heard Ronnie sigh softly, “That is good to know.”
    I shifted my weight to another side, “That is good, because I like talking to you.”
    “I do too; you are very easy to talk to.” Ronnie said softly the she yawned.
    “It is getting late. We should go to bed soon.” I said after I heard her yawn.
    She sighed, “I don’t want to hang up yet.”
    I had to laugh at her soft sweet voice, “Okay, we can stay on the phone for a while.” I said as I moved to lie on my back.
    “Thank you, Norman.” Ronnie whispered into the phone. “No problem, Ronnie. Is Besiteos next to you?” I asked as I moved EITD so that I could get more comfortable in bed, “Come back here, fatso. I am comfortable now.” I said to EITD. “Yes, she is on my chest, fast asleep. Is Eye with you?”
    I smiled, “Yup, he is next to my leg, licking his balls.”
    Ronnie busted into a fit giggles, “Licking his balls, really Norman?”
    I sat up, kicking off the covers and I light a cigarette, “Really, Ronnie.” I took a long drag from the cigarette. “Hmm...”
    Ronnie sighed, “You are smoking, aren’t you?”
    I took the cigarette out and smiled, “I am, how you could tell?”
    “I smoke sometimes; anyway I heard the noise of the lighter.” Ronnie said through the phone, she moved in bed again, probably getting into a more comfortable spot.
    “You smoke as well? Another thing I didn’t know about you.”
    I heard her sweet sounding laugh again, “Yeah, I guess.”
    We talked for another three hours then around one in the morning I heard Ronnie’s soft breathing. She had fallen asleep while we were talking about something random. I decided to stay on the phone with her. Therefore, I put her soft moans on speaker then I put the phone on my nightstand. I climbed back into bed and I fell asleep.
    ~~Ronnie’s Point Of View~~
    I woke up early the next morning by Norman’s murmuring voice coming from my phone that was next to my head, “Ronnie. Ronnie. Come on, wake up, sleeping beauty.”
    I seized my phone and placed it to my free ear, “Oh my goodness, I fell asleep on you. I am so sorry!” I said, completely shocked.
    Norman chuckled sleepily, “Nah, it was kinda cute, really.”
    I rolled over onto my back, unplugging my phone as I did so, “I feel so silly.”
    l got out of bed gradually.
    “What time is it there?” Norman asked me.
    I quickly glanced at my phone.
    “Almost five in the morning, same time as you.” I said as I dragged my feet my feet to the kitchen, “This Walker needs her coffee.” I said sleepily, and then I yawned noisily. Norman sounded like he was also in his kitchen, “This Walker slayer needs his coffee.”
    I laughed, “How long have you been awake?” I asked as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.
    “Just like a few minutes, I used the restroom then I tried to wake you.” Norman said softly, still sounding sleepy.
    I smiled softly to myself; I always liked a person’s sleepily voice. To me, it sounded much sexier than their normal voice, and Norman’s sleepily voice was drop dead sexy!
    “Okay, I was just wondering.”
    I yawned as my coffee maker brewed coffee. Then my bladder finally woke up, “Oh, can you hold on a second?” I asked Norman.
    “Sure I can, sweetie.” I quickly put the phone down and ran to the lavatory.
    When I came back, Norman was humming a song to himself.
    I laughed aloud, “You should be in a band.” I said.
    He stopped and laughed gently, “I was actually, but I like acting way more. I got bored while I waited for you to use the restroom so I started humming.”
    I laughed with him, “How did you know?”
    Norman took a moment to respond, “Owe, hot coffee, hot coffee. Damn, I burnt my tongue. I heard the toilet flush, silly.”
    I smiled at myself, “Oh, right I feel even sillier now.”
    Norman laughed into the phone, “It is alright. Hey, I have a quick question for ya. What apartment number do you live in?”
    I was puzzled, “Uhh, why do you want to know?” I asked him, pouring the cream in my coffee.
    “Because Thomas emailed me your address but I forgot what apartment number.” I told him and poured myself some coffee then blowing on the steaming hot coffee.
    “Thank you, Ronnie. You might get a surprise in... Three….two…one.”
    Suddenly there was a soft knock on my front door. I jumped at the knock, putting my cup down because it just spilled all over my hand that was clutching it.
    I hissed into the phone in my right hand, “Norman… who is at my front door?” I walked a few feet to my front door, glaring at my phone.
    “Why don’t you open it and find out yourself.”
    His voice echoed through my phone and behind my front door. If I had the coffee cup still in my hand, I would have dropped it on my hard light colored wooded floors and the cup would have broken in a million pieces. I gasped; I hung up the phone call, put the phone on the half wall near the front door and ran to the door, unlocked it, and flew it open.
    There, in the narrow, darken hallway of the apartment building that I lived in, stood Norman Reedus wearing his Cheap Trick black shirt, with dark blue jeans, his famous Ray Bans covering half of his face and holding a dozen daisies in his one hand and a Starbucks coffee cup in his other.
    He looked so out of place there, looking as handsome as ever. I covered my mouth with my free hand, my right hand was still holding the door, and I gasped again.
    Norman!” I said after I freaked out in my head, “What are…? How did you…?”
    I stopped trying to speak, when Norman leaned in and kissed my cheek, “Let me in, cutie.”
    I stood back in my apartment so that he could walk in around me.
    He put his sunglasses on his head, behind his ears then looked around my apartment as he handed me the daisies, “Nice place, Ronne.”
    I shut the front door and took the flowers, “Umm, thank you.”
    I dashed to the small kitchen to put the daisies in a vase with water.
    “It’s kind of tiny, but it works for you.”
    His voice was right next to me and I jumped slightly. I did not hear him as he followed me into the kitchen.
    In his arms was Besiteos, just purring away, with her eyes shut.
    “She was standing on your couch and I picked her up, I hope that is okay.”
    I smiled; it was a great thing that Besiteos liked Norman.
    “I don’t mind. I am shocked that you were able to pick her up and hold her, she never lets anyone hold her, even me.” I said as I put the vase on the coffee table in the living room, with Norman as a tall, handsome shadow.
    He plopped himself on my couch, “What do you have planned for today?” He asked sipping his coffee.
    I chewed on my lower lip, “I was going to work... Now that you are here, and I guess, I do not have to. Oh work! I should call in...”

    I dashed to back to the kitchen, where my phone was and I called in from work. When I walked back to the living room, Norman and Besiteos were missing.

    “You have a huge bed!” I heard Norman’s voice in my bedroom.
    My eyes widen and I ran into my bedroom, “What are you doing in here?”
    He was lying in the middle of my bed, with Besiteos on his chest.
    “I followed this little princess and she walked into your bedroom.” Norman said as he shrugged.
    I shook my head, “Okay. Do you want anything? I have some food and stuff.” Norman shook his head, “No. I am okay. Join me, I feel too far away from you.” I laughed softly as I joined him on my bed.
    “That is a lot better.” Norman said as he pulled me even closer to his toned body.
    I felt my cheeks redden, “Umm... What will your girlfriend think of you cuddling with another girl?”
    Norman looked at me, confused, “What girlfriend are you talking about? I am single.”
    I chewed on my inner cheek, “Y...You are? I saw some pictures on your Twitter with a girl and I thought…”
    Norman stopped me, “Nope, I’m single, Ronnie. I have been for a while.”
    I felt my whole face turn bright red, “Oh… I thought… I feel really foolish now.”
    Norman chuckled softly, pushing away a strand of my hair out of eyes, “The only person I like is in this room with me.”
    His voice became soft and I looked at him, “You are talking about Besiteos?” I joked.
    He smiled, “No, her owner, smartass.”
    Later that day, I emailed Thomas that Norman is single, did he still want to get close to Norman or pull away. I did not look at my phone for the rest of the day because I was showing Norman around the town that I lived in.
    That evening I took him to my hideout, the roof of my apartment building to watch the sunset while we ate a dozen doughnuts and some coffee that we got from Starbucks. “Thank you for showing me around today. I really had fun.” Norman said as he sat down on the ground.
    I copied him and sipped my coffee, “No problem, I am glad that you had a great time.”
    Norman and I both reached out for a doughnut and our hands bumped, he looked at me, his bright eyes sparking from the sun.
    “Where can I stay for the night?”
    I gapped at him, the doughnut halfway in my mouth, “You want to spend the night?” I asked him quietly.
    He smiled at me, “Yes.” I gnawed on my lower lip, “You can sleep on the couch or you can stay in my room and I could take the couch.”
    Norman smiled at me and he wiped off some cream from the doughnut that I just ate off my upper lip, “Or we could sleep in the bed together.”
    I blushed lightly. “Oh, I guess we can sleep in the bed together.”
    He nodded in agreement, “No funny business, I swear. I will behave myself.”
    I blushed again, “Okay, good to know.”

    ~~Norman’s Point Of View~~
    The next morning, I woken up by Ronnie’s phone beeping, I groaned and I rolled to my side.
    Next to me was a yawning Ronnie as she slammed her phone down after she stopped the beeping, “Too early…” She mumbled groggily.
    I smiled softly at her as I kissed her forehead, “Play hooky again like you did yesterday.”
    Ronnie looked at me, shaking her head, “I just can’t skip work…”
    I kissed her lightly, pulling her body closer to my bare chest, “Then tell Thomas that you got your hands full with me.”
    She blushed bright pink, “I guess he can understand that I am with you and it is kind of work… I am supposed to get to know you, so I am…”
    I chuckled softly as I got up to use the restroom and then I made us some coffee. Ronnie texted Thomas a quick message while she had some free time, telling him that I surprised her the other day at her front door and that I had not left yet.
    After she sent the message, she jumped out of bed, and then kicked her bedroom door shut, so that she could get dressed with me peeking in from the kitchen. That is when I saw Besiteos on the kitchen counter, rubbing her face on a tin and meowing at me.
    “What is in there, little one?” I asked softly, opening the tin.
    I saw cat food with a half-cup measure.
    “Oh… Are you hungry, Besiteos?”
    I scooped up some of her food out with the measurer and dumped it in her food bowl that was in the corner of two cabinets, “There you go.”
    I heard a soft giggle behind me; I turned around and I saw Ronnie smiling at me, “Oh, Besiteos was hungry.” I pointed behind me with my thumb, “I hope that is okay that I fed her.”
    Ronnie walked up to me and kissed me lightly, “Norm, Besiteos usually hates men, so if she is letting you feed her, which means that she loves you. She even sleeps on your chest! To her, that is code for me that you are a great guy and I should keep you around.”
    I smiled as I put my hands on her tiny waist, “Really?”
    Ronnie nodded, “I think Besiteos is right, you are a great guy.” Ronnie said the last part quietly.
    I smiled as she said that, “You really think so?” She nodded, “Yes.”
    She kissed me again, but this time she added more passion to it, I added my tongue as I gripped her tighter as I lifted her up with ease and sat her down on the counter. She squealed softly as her feet left the floor then she smiled as her cute behind hit the counter.
    “You’re so tiny that I can lift you up very easily.” I said as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.
    I kissed her again, but right in the middle of the kiss, my phone started ringing.
    I pulled away, my right hand digging into my back pocket of my jeans.
    I looked at the screen and sighed, “Sorry, I got to take this.”
    Ronnie pouted cutely but nodded, “No problem, I’ll just make us some eggs.”
    Then she jumped down off the counter and fixed her dress, before the phone call, my hands were inching their way up to her panties.
    This must be a matter of life and death!’ I said to myself.
    I quickly walked to the living room and answered the call, “Steven, bad timing!” I growled softly into the phone that was in my right hand.
    I heard Steven Yeun laugh softly. He was a costar from The Walking Dead. Before Steve talked, Ronnie asked me if I wanted anymore coffee, I nodded my head at her, and then she disappeared back into the kitchen.
    “Norm! Dude, where the flying fuck are you? You were not on set yesterday and then you are a no show today! Wait, who was that? That was a woman’s voice…,” I swore in my head, “That was…” I sighed softly, “That was Ronnie.”
    I heard Steve voice change, “Ronnie? Wait that reporter chick from Michigan? Norman…. Man… Bad move, very bad move, dude, what if she’s trying to get a story out of you?”
    I sighed again, rubbing my eyes, “Look dude, she’s different. She is not trying to get a story out of me. She was just supposed to ask me stupid questions at the premiere.” I said softly, “Steve, I’ll see you at the premiere, tell everybody that I am out of the state.”
    I heard Steve mutter softly, “Out of your mind more like it…” Then he spoke a bit louder, “I’ll tell them. See ya, man.” Then he hung up.
    I sighed, putting my phone back into my back pocket and I walked back into the kitchen, I smiled as I saw that Ronnie put more coffee in my coffee cup that was sitting n the counter, I took it and watched Ronnie at the stove, making some eggs for us. She finally looked in the doorway and jumped slightly.
    “Hi, I didn’t even you come back into the room.” She said, as she kicked the fridge door shut.
    I smiled softly, “I just came back.” I walked behind her, putting the cup down, hugged her from the behind and kissed her neck.
    “My cast members miss me.” I mumbled into her neck as I kissed it.
    I felt her whole body tremble, “Do you want to go back to reality?” She sounded upset, like I was really thinking of leaving her.
    I chuckled into her ear, “No… I like where I am right now, I like my new hide away.”
    She turned around, her lovely dark eyes, sparkling up at me, “Your new hide away?”
    I nodded, smiling down at her, “Yes, it’s your apartment, nobody knows about it and nobody can drag me away from it or from you.” I kissed her lightly and then looked at the eggs, “I think they are done, cutie.”
    After breakfast and coffee, we decided to make a huge fort in the bedroom and we watched Titanic. We have seen it so many times over the years that Ronnie quoted Rose’s lines and I quoted Jack’s. By the end of the movie, Ronnie was crying softly, I held her close and kissed her forehead.
    “Why didn’t he get on the door with her?” She asked after she wiped away her tears.
    I looked at her in admiration, “I don’t know, sweetie.” I held her even closer, “Want some leftovers? I think we still have some from last night’s dinner… Want me to look?”
    She sat up from lying on my chest and nodded her head slowly, “Sure.”
    I smiled at her as I opened the flap of our blanket fort and crawled out.
    I suddenly tripped on a spare blanket that was on the foot of the bed and I almost fell out of the bed, “I’m okay!” I said as Ronnie cracked up laughing.
    “Are you sure?”
    I poked my head back into our fort, “Yes, I am fine. While I am gone, put in another movie, okay?”
    Ronnie nodded at me as she smiled brightly, “Okay!”
    I found the leftovers of our Irish meal that we had last night after we found a small Irish restaurant that was about a mile away from her apartment building. I reheated it up for her then I poured myself some water, I walked back to her bedroom with my hands full.
    “Open up… I have hot food in my hand.” I heard Ronnie giggle then she opened the flap of the homemade fort.
    I handed her the plate of food and then I set the glass of water on the nightstand, climbed in, then I grabbed the DVD remote. “What movie are we watching now?” I asked her.
    She did not have to answer, I saw the TV screen; I knew right away what it was. “Really Ronnie, The Boondock Saints?” I asked her, as I got comfortable on the bed.
    She looked at me, with a soft smile forming across her beautiful face, “Aye.”
    She said in a fake Irish accent.
    Her Irish accent was not that awful, I smiled at her, “Smart ass… Your meal is kind of fitting for this movie then.”
    We spent the rest of the day in our fort, watching some of movies and ate popcorn. It was actually nice, just to relax and not to stress over work.
    I pulled Ronnie to my chest and kissed her head, “Thank you for being my get away. Since I’ve been here, I haven’t thought of work.”
    She lifted her head slightly, her eyes dazzling as they looked shocked at me, “Well, minus that phone call that you got this morning.” I chuckled, “Very true.” Ronnie smiled softly and kissed my prickly cheek.
    ~~Ronnie’s Point Of View~~
    That night we stayed in the fort and ate a handful of hotdogs that Norman cooked on the stove. Then I made some s’mores in the microwave after I finished the dishes from the hotdogs.
    Norman walked out of the lavatory, sniffing the air like a dog, “Do I smell chocolate?”
    I giggled; the person loved his damned chocolate, “Yup. I made us a treat.”
    He clapped his hands together a few times, his lips forming a huge smile across his face, “Awesome, I love treats.”
    I shook my head, smiling at him. Norman was in his late forties but he could still act like a child.
    “Snatch us some napkins from near the kitchen counter then follow me if you want some treats.” I walked into my bedroom with the large plate of s’mores in my hands. Norman grabbed us some napkins and ran into my bedroom, chuckling softly.

    Since he surprised me two days ago at my front door, I could see him loosen up and became more relaxed. He was not tense up and uneasy like he was when he showed up. Even his eyes seem to shine brighter now and his smile was wider. I felt myself relaxing more as well, I was very nervous when he first shown up, but now; it felt normal, having Norman around.

    I looked up at him and offered the plate and he took a s’more off the top of the pile, “Thank you, Ronnie, you are so sweet to me.”
    I smiled and shrugged my shoulders, “I was still kind of hungry. So,” I shrugged my shoulders, “I decided to make a treat for us.”
    After he finished chewing, he lean in and kissed me softly but still full of passion. I had break off the kiss then I put the plate down on the nightstand so that I would not drop the s’mores on my bed.
    I grabbed Norman’s shirt and pulled him closer, our lips met and he slid his arms around my waist and quickly picked me up and put me on his lap. His lips met mine and I moaned softly.
    Then I remembered this morning, “Wait a moment!” I jumped off his lap and folded my tiny arms as I glared at him, “Give me your phone, Mr. Reedus.”
    He cocked his to one side, “Why?”
    I sighed heavily, tapping a foot anxiously at him, “I don’t want another repeat of this morning. Do you remember what happened? We were in a passionate kiss and your hands were…” I blinked my eyes a few times, trying not to think about that morning, “….places… and then your phone started ringing. So hand it over, now.”
    I handed out a hand for his phone. Norman stood up, rolling his eyes at me, dug into his jeans pocket and handed me his phone.
    He was smiling his famous smile at me, “You know… I could just turn it off.” I was too busy to listen to him, I unplugged my phone that was next to his glass of water and I rushed out of the bedroom.
    He followed me like an unwanted shadow to the living room where he stopped following me, as I walked to the kitchen where I placed them next to the coffee maker, “There,” I nodded once, “they are both turned off and away from the bedroom. Now, I need a few minutes to myself in the bathroom. You can do whatever you need to before… well, you know.”
    Norman cracked a half smile at me, “You are nervous…” He said in a soft voice as he folded his arms over his chest.
    I walked into the living room, where he was standing and I rolled my eyes at him and raised my arms to the ceiling, “Of course I am!” I exclaimed, “I am freaking out! I am about to have sex with Norman fucking Reedus!”
    I flopped onto the couch with a huge sigh.
    Norman shook his head, his floppy dark hair shaking freely to one of his eyes, and then he joined me on the couch, “You don’t need to be nervous, okay?”
    I gnawed my lower lip, then I looked at him, “I only guy I’ve been with was Ryan… so I am not used to a sweet, caring guy who wants to be with me...” I muttered softly as my eyes slid down to his black shirt.
    His one arm went around my back and pulled me closer, “If you aren’t ready, I can understand that. I can wait as long as you need.” I nodded my head against his shirt, “Thank you…” His chest moved, as he chuckled, “No problem at all, I don’t want you to feel pressured by me…”
    I looked back up to his eyes, “I don’t.” I squeaked out at him.
    The squeak was not meant to be a squeak, but it just came out as a squeak.
    An eyebrow of Norman’s rose, “Right. That was your Minnie Mouse voice again.” I shoved him hard, “Shut up.”
    He chuckled again, smiling at me.
    “Hey, I like your Minnie Mouse squeaky voice; I think it’s kind of adorable.”
    I rolled my eyes at him, “Shut up!” I whacked him with a fluffy purple pillow that was on my pink couch.
    He grabbed it from me and whacked me with it, “No.”
    I glared at him, “Give me my weapon back.”
    He smiled, showing me his gorgeous white teeth, “Weapon? Hm… Never knew a fluffy purple pillow could be used as a weapon…”
    I hit him in the chest, “Give it back.”
    He shook his head at me, threw the pillow over his shoulder, “Nope.” Then he kissed me, lightly. I felt myself smile as I kissed him back, sliding in my tongue into his mouth.
    I heard him groan softly as I pulled away after a while; “You are such a kid at heart, aren’t you?”
    He grinned at me, “Yes, I am. Is that a bad thing?”
    I giggled softly, “No, I love that you can be ridiculous at times.”
    Suddenly Norman picked me up and walked to my bedroom, “Lets finish this talk in bedroom, shall we?”
    I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled, “Uhh… sure.”
    He plopped me down in the middle of the bed and joined me, with a goofy smile plastered on his handsome face.
    I looked at him, with an eyebrow raised, “You don’t really want to finish the talk that we having do you?”
    He chuckled softly, “No, not really. I just wanted to lay in you very comfortable bed.” I shook my head at him, “You are crazy, Norm.”
    He nodded his head, eyes gleaming brightly, “Yup, I am, but you still lov… er… Want me around….” He said that softly.
    I looked at him, my dark eyes locked onto his bight ones, “I love spending time with you…. I hope that is okay for now.”
    Norman nodded slowly, “That is fine.”
    I flopped down next to him, I sighed softly, “I am sorry if I just ruined things with us…” Norman faced me, brushed a stray hair away from my face, “No, you didn’t. It is fine. Honestly, I could care less if we fucked tonight, or any night right now. I just want to be close with you. I do not want to mess anything up either… I like you too much to ruin things.”
    I hugged him tightly, “Thank you very much.”
    He wrapped his strong arms around my thin waist, “No problem.”
    I nuzzled his neck, “If we do have sex tonight, I wouldn’t mind it.” I muttered into his neck before I kissed his soft spot on his neck.
    “Hmm…. Is that so?”
    I nodded slightly as I pulled away and I looked at his bright eyes, “I know that you will treat me well, you don’t hurt me. I want to be with you, Norman.”
    My voice was soft and I felt my heart pound out of my chest.
    His eyes changed as he sucked in a breath. His eyes were normally a soft bright blue; they had turned to an intense blue, “Are you sure? I don’t want you to regret it in the morning.” His voice was soft, like silk.
    I gnawed on my lower lip as I nodded my head at him, “I am sure.”
    Norman nodded, “Okay then.”
    His hand slid under my dress and pulled it off me, threw it in a corner of my bedroom. I was not anything else but the dress and a pair of white panties that day. So I felt naked after he took off the dress. Then he laid me flat on my back, with my head on the pillows. I pulled off his black shirt and tossed in the same direction of where my dress was thrown, I ran my hands over his muscular chest.
    His eyes locked with mine, “I don’t have any… I didn’t plan on having sex…” He said sheepishly.
    I touched his cheek, “It’s alright… I think we can handle one small whoops.”
    He nuzzled his nose into my hair and neck, “Are you sure?” He murmured in my hair.
    I nodded slowly, “I’m sure.” I muttered as I unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them off his hips, and then I could not push them any farther, “Help…” I giggled as I looked at him.
    He smiled down at me and chuckled softly at me. He shimmied out of his jeans and boxers, “Better?”
    My eyes got gigantic as I nodded at him. Suddenly, my eyes glanced at his hardening package and I felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach.
    His hands were on my cheeks suddenly as he climbed lightly on top of my naked body, “You okay? Your face is bright red…”
    I looked at his face, “I…. Umm… I did not realize how… Umm...”
    He suddenly chuckled, “Didn’t realize how big I was?”
    I nodded slowly, “Yes.”
    His eyes shimmered down at me, “Am I too big for you?”
    My eyes widen as I shook my head at him, “No! I just… I’ll just shut up now…” I said softly, looking down, blushing.
    He kissed the tip of my tiny nose, “Don’t stop talking… I like to know what you are thinking about.” Norman murmured softly in my ear as he moved his lips down my neck.
    I looked up at him; I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He kissed back, adding in his tongue. My tongue danced with his as I felt his hands slide down my skinny thighs, sliding off my underwear gradually.
    Norman broke the kiss; he looked at me, his eyes gleaming from the candlelight, “We can stop here if you like… I’ll understand completely if you do.”
    I smiled faintly as I shook my head at him, “No… I don’t want to stop.” My hips rose off the bed, they met with his, and I felt his harden shaft against a thigh.
    He chuckled as he kissed my cheek, “Okay.”
    His hips moved slightly, lining up with mine and he drove his harden shaft slowly into my wet opening between my thighs.
    I shut my eyes and my hands gripped his well-built biceps tightly, “Norman!” I moaned loudly as he found the right speed of his thrusts. After he had found the right speed, my hips matched up to his hips. My fingers found their way to the back of his neck and dug into his shaggy strands of dark hair.
    He groaned into my ear as I suckled onto his earlobe, “Ronnie.” He growled as I pulled away from his earlobe, I looked at him, his eyes were intense again, “Can I move faster?”
    I sucked my breath in as I heard him ask me that, I found myself nodding.
    His mouth captured mine, kissing me roughly as his hips moved even faster. I gripped the bedding and moaned in satisfaction. His lips moved down to my neck, he sucked on a sweet spot for a few long moments, and I moaned out his name about three times as my core tensed up around his shaft.
    “I can tell you are about to orgasm, Ronnie.” He growled softly as I started twitching and bucking my hips widely.
    The headboard of my head starting hitting the wall because of our rapid movements of our sweaty bodies, I did not even care if Sofia could hear the bed banging on the wall that our apartments shared. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I gasped in pleasure when I orgasmed around Norman’s throbbing shaft.
    Norman bucked his hips a few more times then I felt him orgasm into me. He groaned loudly into my hair, “Oh fuck Ronnie.”
    He rolled himself off me and snuggled next to my sweaty naked body, I panted heavily as he kissed my forehead, “Did I hurt you?”
    I shook my head quickly, “No! Oh Norman, no… You didn’t hurt me.” I reassured him, kissing his prickly cheek, “No… You didn’t hurt me, in fact, that was the best sex I ever had.” I said as his smile grew across his face.
    “Really?” I pushed him playfully.
    “Don’t act so smug, Mr. Reedus. Remember you are the second guy who I slept with…” He laughed as he shook head, “And maybe your last, if I’m lucky.”
    I whacked him across his bare chest, “Not if you don’t behave.” He smiled even more, “I’ll behave, Ronnie.”
    Norman shifted in bed, pulling the covers up to his waist, “May I change the subject?”
    I cocked a thin eyebrow at him, he suddenly sounded serous, “Uh, sure.” I said, my voice still shaking from what just happened between us.
    “I want you to meet Mingus and Eye In The Dark.” I gnawed on my lower lip, ‘He wants me to meet his son and his fur baby. Oh boy…’ I thought to myself.
    He was still starring at me, with a sad puppy dog look, “When do you want me to meet them?” My voice was less shaky when I talked that time.
    He cleared his throat slightly, “In two days? We can fly to New York and stay at my apartment there until we got to go Georgia.”
    My eyes widen, “In two days?” I squeaked out, in shock.
    He nodded simply, “Please? I know that Mingus will adore you, you can bring Besiteos with us so that Eye can have a fur buddy.”
    I sighed, putting my head on his bare chest, “Of course, I will be happy to meet you son and your fat fur baby. I’ll bring Besiteos…”
    He nodded, “I’ll help you pack tomorrow, okay?”
    I simply nodded, too exhausted to talk. Norman kissed my head, “Go to sleep, sweetheart.” He said softly as draped his arms around me and I slowly fell asleep on his bare chest.
    ~~Norman’s Point Of View~~
    It has been two days since Ronnie and I slept together and now I was sitting next to her on a plane that was headed to New York.
    She grasped my hand tightly as the plane started to take off, “Oh my god!”
    She squeaked softly as she looked at the small window next to her one side.
    “I take it that you never flown in a plane before.” I said in her ear as her eyes widen as the plane rose higher and higher in the sky. I was sitting on her other side.
    She looked at me and shook her head, “No. I have once, but I don’t remember it, I was too little to remember.” Her voice was still very squeaky.
    I chuckled softly as I brushed my lips across her knuckles.
    “It’s okay… I am here with you, nothing bad will happen.” I said to her as I rested my head on the headrest on the chair.
    Ronnie was not relaxing, so I asked the young flight attendant to give Ronnie two glasses of white wine. After that, she was very giddy.
    “Are you feeling any better?” I asked in Ronnie’s hair as I kissed her neck.
    She smiled at me and nodded her head, “I am feeling much better, thank you.”
    I beamed at her, looking at her over my sunglasses, “No problem.”
    We were sitting in First-Class and I was getting a few glances from the other people that were on the plane.
    The joys of being a celebrity and thrown into the public eye. I thought to myself as I pulled Ronnie closer to my chest and kissed her head.
    The flight attendant and Ronnie were poking me awake an hour later. I opened my eyes, “Hmm?” Ronnie gestured the flight attendant away then looked at me, “Hey, we landed, sleepy head. Come on.”
    I got unbuckled and stood up, took Ronnie’s hand and the cat carrier then walked to the stairs so we could get off the plane. “Just follow me, alright? I don’t go through the normal lines, too much of a hassle.”

    I put on my Ray Bans, because I was getting a headache from the bright sunlight. Ronnie cracked a smile at me, “Right, Mr. Reedus.” I could almost taste the sarcasm as she spoke, “Do you have a limousine waiting for us?”
    I could tell that she was joking but I stopped going down the steps from the plane suddenly and looked at her, “Um… What if there is?”
    I heard Ronnie behind me, “Keep walking! I nearly walked into your back.” Then she playfully elbowed my side, “Keep moving!”
    I shook my head as I walked off the stairs and offered a hand for Ronnie to take, “It’s just around the back. Come on, sweetie.”
    She held my arm as we walked to the back of the building.
    I heard her gasp quietly as we reached a shinny black limousine parked in the middle of the empty parking lot. I glanced at her with a small smile forming, “What?”
    Her bright brown eyes got gigantic, “Nothing. I just never rode in one before.”
    I shook my head at her as I chuckled, “Really? Not even to your prom?”
    She chewed on her lower lip, “Never.”
    David, a thin, balding older man was standing near the right rear end of the limousine, smiling at both of us. As we got closer, David opened the car door for us, “Hello Mr. Reedus. This must be Veronica Tucker. It is very nice to meet you, my dear. Mr. Reedus told me all about you.” Ronnie suddenly looked at me; David smiled at her and patted her arm, “Oh, not to worry, all great things, though. Not to worry.”
    I smiled at Ronnie then at David, “Yes, David. She will be staying with us for a few. Is Mingus back home?”
    David nodded, facing me, “Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Young Mr. Reedus with at the apartment. Helena dropped him off early this morning.”
    Ronnie smiled, “Helena is your ex right?”
    I glanced at her, “Yes.” I clenched my teeth; I hated that woman with a fiery passion.
    Ronnie smiled at David, “Thank you for opening the door for us, David.”
    Then she quickly got in, I followed suit, handing the cat carrier to her, “Here, do you mind holding that for a moment?”
    Ronnie grabbed the carrier from me and sat back into her seat.
    “Okay, I think we are all set now, you can drive to the apartment, David.” I said, once David put the rest of Ronnie’s bags in the trunk and climbed into the drivers’ seat.
    As David drove to my apartment, I held Ronnie’s hand gently, “Are you nervous?”
    She glanced at me, and then heaved a huge sigh, “A little bit. What if Mingus hates me?”
    I could not help it but I chuckled at he, she whacked an arm of mine, “Norman! I am serous!”
    I looked at her and patted her leg, “He will adore you, Ronnie. You have nothing to worry about.”
    Ronnie rested her head on my shoulder, “Are you sure?”
    I kissed her forehead, “I am positive.”
    After that, we were silent the rest of the ride to my apartment.
    ~~Ronnie’s Point Of View~~
    When the limousine stopped suddenly, I sat up in my seat, suddenly very nervous.
    Norman smiled at me, “Ready to meet my crazy son and our lazy cat?”
    I looked at Norman, smiling brightly, “I am. I am excited to meet your little family.”
    David, Norman’s driver opened the door and gave me a little bow.
    “We are here, sir.” He said to Norman, who was just behind me, nudging me out of the limousine.
    I glanced at the giant apartment building then back at Norman as I got out, “What floor do you live on?”
    David and Norman went to the trunk of the limousine. Norman grabbed two of our bags as I grabbed the cat carrier that was still on the floor of the limousine.
    “The seventh floor, sweetheart.”
    I counted the floors in my head, “Whoa that is a long way up.”
    Norman chuckled as he walked up onto the busy sidewalk, “Come on, sweetheart. Knowing my son, he is probably in the lobby, waiting for us.”
    I nodded slowly, gnawing on my lower lip, “Did you tell him about me?”
    Norman nudged me lightly, “I did not. Does that bother you?”
    I looked down at the sidewalk as we walked to the two double doors, “So, he might not like me.”
    Norman opened the door and stepped into the quiet lobby, I followed him, gradually.
    A thrilled voice broke my thoughts, I looked up and near the elevators, I saw Norman’s son rush to us and tackle Norman.
    Norman hugged his fifteen-year-old son, who looked a lot like himself when he was younger. Mingus was tall for his age; he was almost as tall as Norman, short blonde hair, bright blue eyes, pale skin, and the same cocky smile.
    I just stood there, too nervous to say anything. Just then, like as if on cue, Besiteos meowed angrily in the carrier that I was holding and Mingus glanced at me, his bright smile fading.
    “Who is this, Dad?”
    Mingus nodded his head to me, his bright eyes narrowed.
    I looked at Norman and my shoulders slumped slightly, I could already tell that Mingus did not accepted me.
    Norman put an arm around my waist, “Bud, this is my new girlfriend, Veronica Tucker, but she likes to be called Ronnie.”
    My eyes went wide at the word ‘girlfriend’. I quickly peeked a glance at Norman; he was smiling brightly at me, his eyes gleaming.
    Mingus did a once over at me, before he spoke again.
    “She looks younger than the other model.” He said softly.
    A model?!? He thinks that I am a freaking model?’ I thought to myself.
    “Ronnie is a gossip journalist for a magazine in Michigan. It is called The Weekly Rag.” Norman chimed in happily, holding my hand as he pressed the ‘up’ button near the elevator.
    Mingus nodded, “So, you are sleeping with her so she cannot write about you, very smart move, Dad.”
    My face turned bright red as I heard Mingus speak.
    Norman chuckled, “Oh, no. I just think that she is a cool chick to hang out with.”
    “And I bet it’s more entertaining in bed.” Mingus muttered softly at Norman.
    My eyes gone wide again as my face went even redder.
    Norman nudged his son roughly but still playfully, “Press the floor number, smart ass.”
    Mingus pushed Norman off him and pressed the number ‘seven’ button.
    ~~Norman’s Point Of View~~
    Once we all three were in my apartment, took Besiteos out of the carrier and put all of the bags into my bedroom, I shown Ronnie around the gigantic apartment. I wrapped an arm around Ronnie’s waist and I pushed her lightly into the huge white and black colored kitchen.
    “This is the kitchen and dinning room,” I pointed to the cat food bowls, “that is where our fur babies will eat. I have a cappuccino maker, a plain coffee maker and a juicer. Then we have a double oven. That comes in helpful on holidays and baking Mingus‘ favorite cookies.”
    I pointed at the stainless steel ovens as Ronnie nodded at me.
    I walked around the corner, with Ronnie holding onto my arm, I pointed to the dark wooden dining room table, and the matching tall backed chairs that could seat eight people. Eye In The Dark was laying in the very middle of the table.
    “Get off the damned table, we eat on there, jackass.” I said as I pushed him off the table.
    Then I took her down a short hallway, with two black wooden doors, one had a red ‘keep out’ sign in the middle of the door, the other door had a poster of the most recent season of The Walking Dead covering most of the door.
    “This side is Mingus’ side of the apartment. He has his own full sized bathroom next to his bedroom.”
    Ronnie nodded, smiling at me.
    “That is cool.” she said faintly.
    I turned and walked out of the kitchen area, past the living room, where Mingus was sitting on a leather couch, Betsiteos was sitting on the coffee table.
    We reached another hallway, but this one was a tad longer and with three black wooden doors, that were all closed.
    Ronnie glanced at me, confused written on her beautiful face.
    “This side has more doors.”
    I nodded at her, “Yes, this side is my part of the apartment. I have a huge bathroom with a huge soaker tub and a huge shower that has three rain shower heads.”
    I opened the bathroom door and Ronnie walked into the huge room.
    “You have a thing for black and white, don’t you?” She asked quietly as she ran a hand over the white soaker tub that had silver fixtures.
    I walked up close to her, “I do.” I said supplely.
    She chewed on her lower lip, obviously really nervous.
    I held her hand, “Maybe tonight we can take a bath, together. You look like you need a relaxing hot bath.”
    She nodded again, not saying anything.
    I guided her back out into the hallway, shut the door. Then I opened my bedroom door. Ronnie walked into the room and she sat onto the giant bed.
    “You seem very nervous, sweetheart. What is on you mind?” I asked Ronnie as I joined her on the edge of the bed.
    She glanced at me, sighing.
    “Mingus hates me.”
    I grabbed both of her hands, sighing heavily.
    “No he doesn’t, he just doesn’t know you that well yet. Give it time, sweetheart.”
    We spent an hour discussing on how to make Mingus like Ronnie, afterwards when we had a plan, she walked out the bedroom and pointed to the other closed door.
    “What is in there?” she asked me as I shut the bedroom door behind me.
    It was my turn to get nervous. I gnawed my lower lip as I rubbed my prickly chin.
    “Uhh… I’ll show you that room once Mingus is back at his mother’s.”
    I saw the confusion grow in her eyes.
    “Umm… Okay, then.” She mumbled as she walked to the kitchen.
    I followed her like a lost puppy that didn‘t have a home.
    “What you are looking for?” I asked her softly, putting my hands in my front pockets of my worn out dark blue jeans.
    Ronnie was digging into the fridge when I reached the room.
    “I’m starving.”
    I chuckled at her, leaning on the doorframe and folding my arms across my chest.
    “I could make us some dinner. Hold on.”
    I walked into the living room and asked Mingus if he ate. He had, with his mother.
    I walked back into the kitchen.
    “Mingus has already ate. So it’ll be just us two.”
    Ronnie was sitting at the dinning room table, with Besiteos on her lap.
    I started making dinner as Ronnie watched me.
    “Do you normally cook when you are home?” She asked as I washed my hands.
    I shook my head, “Not always, Mingus and I usually go out or order in some take out. There is an ice cream shop just down the street so after dinner we always go down there and get some.”
    Ronnie nodded slowly as she petting Besiteos that was still on her lap.
    I turned to face her, placing my hip next to the counter, as I dried my hands with a dish rag.
    “I have a question for you, I haven’t thought of it until Mingus cracked a joke at it,” Ronnie knew it was serous so she made Besiteos jump off her lap, “Ronnie, are you getting close with me so you can get a story out of me?”
    It took Ronnie a while to speak, I could tell that she was trying to form words because her mouth was opening and shutting rapidly but no sound came out.
    “Norman… At first, when we were just texting back and forth, sure I was trying to get you to open up,” I nodded my head but I let her go on, “but once you surprised me at my apartment, I made a promise to myself that whatever you said to me without a microphone in your face, will be just that, private.”
    I glanced at the floor then back at Ronnie, “So, I can trust you? You won’t spill everything that I told in private?”
    Ronnie jumped out of her chair and hugged me, “I was planning on quitting Monday.”
    I hugged her tightly, “But then what will you do?”
    I felt Ronnie shrug her shoulders, “I was thinking that you’d hire me as something, I know that you have your hands full with everything, you can let me handle your website or your blog?”
    I kissed her head, “We will talk about this with my people.”
    Ronnie pulled away as she laughed a little as she looked up at me, “Your people?”
    I went back to the stove and finished cooking dinner.
    “Lawyers and whatnot. I want to make it legal.”
    Ronnie jumped on the counter that was behind me and looked at what I was making.
    “Mexican? That looks delicious. Okay, back to the lawyer talk,” I turned to face her, “can you tell me what will happen?”
    I smiled at her, “Of course.” I put my hands on her bare legs, since I have surprised her at her apartment she have been wearing nothing but dresses or skirts, “I want it to be a contract. I don’t want to break up in six months and you write everything bad about our relationship or that I snore when I sleep. I want to set guidelines on what you are able to post about. I also want to pay you, so I need help with my lawyer.”
    She nodded at me, wrapping her legs around my waist, “I understand.”
    ~~Ronnie’s Point Of View~~
    “So you are telling me that you lied to me?” Norman slammed the bedroom door as he yelled at me in his privacy of his bedroom, then he paced back and forth between the foot of the bed and the closet, “You lied to me so that you could become the top gossip journalist at your fucking magazine?”
    His arms were swinging all the over the place. I scurried to the front of the bed.
    It had been two weeks since we traveled to New York and it had been magnificent. Norman took me out to two rock concerts, we ate at three fancy restaurants, I even met his best friend, Melissa McBride and we always ended the day with mind-blowing sex. Norman even made me the journalist for his blog on his official website.

    Now all that seemed like a dream that melted away.

    Just twenty short minutes ago, while I was taking a hot shower and Norman was in the living room, Mingus sunk into Norman’s bedroom and took my phone. On there was my emails between Thomas and I. In those emails was a plan to get Norman to trust me completely and to find a juicer story to write about so that I could become the top gossip journalist for the magazine.
    I sat on the bed, my head in my hands, crying heavily. I looked up at him, my hands in tight balls, and my face getting redder every moment.
    “I said that I was sorry! Norman, I never met to hurt you. I wasn’t think-”
    Suddenly, Norman huffed angrily, “Damn straight you weren’t thinking! I was going to give everything!” At that moment, he pointed at the closed bedroom door, “Mingus was right, I shouldn’t have trusted you! You are just here to get a goddamned fucking story! There is nothing in your fucking emails about quitting!”

    He suddenly threw my phone onto the hard wooded floor.
    I watched my phone break in three pieces as tears fell onto my red cheeks.
    In that moment, I was scared of Norman.
    “I said I was sorry!” I exclaimed loudly, standing up next to the bed, “I was stupid, okay? I wasn’t thinking clearly. Norman I never meant for this to-”
    “You are just saying that because you got caught!”
    I thought he’d would get into my face, but he just stayed near the closet, he just turned his back on me, opened the closet doors and threw out my empty bags atbme, “Get packing, you are going back to Michigan. Tonight, there is plane ticket on the kitchen table and I will contact David to pick you up.”
    After he threw me the bags, he opened the bedroom door, texting someone on his phone, probably David. Then after his phone dinged, he turned back to face me, his voice scarily low, just hearing that made my skin crawl.
    “Take everything. I don’t want anything left behind so that I don’t have to think of you when you are gone. David said that would drive you to the airport in a hour. Mingus and I are going out, so we will be out of your way.”

    After he growled that he walked out the bedroom, I wanted to chase him and beg him for forgiveness but my feet felt like they were glued to the floor.
    I heard him talking to Mingus, grab his keys and then heard the apartment door slam as they both left the apartment. Tears fell down my redden cheeks as I sat down back on the bed, I wiped the fallen tears off my face, glanced at my empty bags then at my broken phone that was near my feet and cried even harder. I got up, walked to the kitchen, grabbed the cordless house phone and dialed a number that I knew by heart. Tears rolled down my face as I heard the line ring.
    Sofia answered the phone after the fourth ring, “Hello?” She asked in confusion.
    “Hey, Sofia. It’s Ronnie.” I said between sobs.
    “Girlie? Are you alright? Where the fuck are you? I‘ve been trying to get a hold of you for ages!”
    I sighed as a few more tears fell, “My phone is in pieces. I’m in New York. Sofia I am a horrible person… I hurt Norman so badly that he is kicking me out.”
    “What? Ronnie, what are you talking about?”
    I walked back to the bedroom that held so many memories over the two short weeks, “I betrayed him, Sofia. I made him fall in love with me, made Mingus like me just so that I could get the stupid top spot as a gossip journalist.”
    “Ronnie, why did-?”
    “Because I am a fucking stupid person.” I said as I threw some of my clothes into a bag.
    “Stop that, no you’re not. You’re a wonderful person. You just do things before you think sometimes.”
    I sighed heavily, “Can you just give me Thomas’ cell phone? I have to make things right with Norman and me. I think the only to do that is to quit from the job in Michigan and focus on the things that I have to do here, in New York.”
    “What sort of things?” Sofia asked me, confused.
    “I was supposed to be his journalist for his website. I would have my own blog on there.”
    “Ah and I take it that now that he kicked you out that you can’t.”
    “Yeah. I’ll call you in a few days.”
    Then I hung up.
    "I will not take this anymore
    These words will never be ignored
    You want a battle
    Here's a war."

    ~ Bullet For My Valentine, "You Want A Battle? (Here's A War)"

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    Thumbs down

    I am guessing that this story isn't good or too long for any comments.
    "I will not take this anymore
    These words will never be ignored
    You want a battle
    Here's a war."

    ~ Bullet For My Valentine, "You Want A Battle? (Here's A War)"

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    Patience. Sometimes short pieces take a while to get a response. With a long piece people are going to take a bit more time giving a useful critique.

    That said, none of the posts in this forum seem to have any comments. I'd suggest posting shorter works. Like a chapter at a time in general fiction or the prose writer's workshop.

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    Three things:
    1) it is a big block of words
    2) part of this is that the formatting is off (for this site). You have to double space lines between paragraphs and dialog. Also, you haven't separated text message from exposition (which is confusing). Look at some other posted pieces to see how it's done.
    3) Reciprocation. I don't see any.

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    The description of this part of the forum is "This forum is for multi-chapter or collected short stories works not intended for traditional first publishing rights protection. The works are visible to the public, and therefore deemed "published" in law, although not deemed published by WF. Posted works are not intended for normal critique or beta reading. Member Post Count Limit applies.
    (emphasis is mine).

    So I suppose that critiquing doesn't happen on this part of the forum. There are other parts where it does though. Maybe post there if you require critique or feedback?


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