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Thread: A book you hated by an author you love?

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    77 Shadow Street- Dean Koontz. I'm still using it as a doorstop. I started hating it about a quarter of the way through, hoping it would get better, but it was a massive letdown for me.

    The Border- Robert McCammon. I love the heck out of McCammon, but I couldn't read this. It seemed badly written, like he tried to do all the editing himself and missed tons of things. I think I only made it a couple chapters.

    Agree with Hannibal. Not so great. Don't think I even bothered to try Hannibal Rising. I hated the movie.

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    Every book I've read by Palahniuk has been more disappointing than the last. I found Rant particularly poor. He doesn't seem able to recapture the brilliance of Fight Club or Survivor, only vaguely impersonate it.

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    I've seen that Chuck Palahniuk has been mentioned a few times already in this thread. I am a fan of most of his work but I just couldn't get through 'Tell - All'. I'm reading 'Rant' at the moment and whilst it's not my favourite (that's a choice between Invisible Monsters or Fight Club), I am still enjoying it.

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    Mosquitoes by William Faulkner. I really did not like it. But maybe I'll try and read it again someday.

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    The Scarlet Gospels, by Clive Barker. Clive has been in ill health recently, having had a couple of bouts with pneumonia, and this novel shows signs of that, or just simple lack of inspiration. The days when Barker's stuff was revolutionary are far behind him, but he's been putting out reasonably effective stuff until that volume. His short story in the "Gutted" horror anthology likewise shows that time may have passed Clive by. It's a decent piece, but is not up to the level of most of the anthology.
    The Scarlet Gospels is nearly unreadable at times, and not in the "it's-beyond-me" Joycean sense. I suspect ghostwriting.
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    The Dark Half by Stephen King. It was so bad that I could not even finish.

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    Culture Apocalypse by Adam Parfray Oh my gosh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KateMarie999 View Post
    I'm a big Roald Dahl fan but I didn't like The Witches. I don't know what he was thinking with that ending, it's got horrible implications and it's supposed to come off as happy.
    I quite liked the book and the film but found the ending underwhelming.
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    Any and every book writen by Lois Lowery that isn't part of The Giver Quartet.

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    IT by Stephen King. Waded through 500 pages, not even half way, before deciding IT wasn't getting better.

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