NaNoWriMo - Who's In for 2015?

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Thread: NaNoWriMo - Who's In for 2015?

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    NaNoWriMo - Who's In for 2015?

    I've decided to take the plunge. Can I really call myself a writer until I've at least attempted the crazy project that is NaNoWriMo?
    This year, I'm entering. I'll be signing up on the website soon, once I've fleshed out my initial ideas a little. But I'd love to know who else is in, and what you're planning on doing.

    • Do you have an idea yet?
    • Are you a planner or a pantser? (I'm somewhere in the middle myself...)
    • Do you have a strategy in mind? Or are you simply going to sit down every day and write stuff?

    I'm also going to note my progress (more words! I must be crazy!) on my blog - link in my signature if you're interested.

    Let's do this!

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    Count me in! I think I'm in a good spot to commit to it this year. I'm currently working on an outline/character development for my idea. I actually do have a very rough idea for a story already percolating. I have found through submitting two short stories and some poems for contests/publication (still waiting on word back) that I work best when facing a concrete deadline. So, yeah, sign me up.

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    I'm going to be writing the sequel to the novel I'm finishing off right now.

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    I'll probably do something for NaNoWriMo. I've participated since 2005 and have only "won" 3 times.

    -My idea is either a "test drive" in a fantasy world I'm creating or maybe rewrite one of my previous NaNo stories.
    -I'm a partial planner, but leaning more towards pantsing.
    -My strategy is usually to write as much as I can in the first week and try not to panic by the third week.

    It is a crazy thing to do in November, but it's also a lot of fun. Good luck!

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    I'm in! Third time, and hopefully second win. I have won both of my CampNaNo challenges this year so I am hoping for the hat trick. No ideas or plans yet though...

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    I plan on participating again this year. Only because I've tried the 'I don't plan on doing it this year and then I sit down and start writing November 1st'. So this year I've planned out what I am doing.

    I have three stories that I am finishing.
    Two stories plotted out and the other one I am just going with the flow.
    I have my schedule set up for times to write.

    Of course. though set times mean little to nothing for me because Twitter distracts me! I still try to sit and write during certain times.

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    I'm in. I'm a planner, prepared with an outline and notes. My strategy is to deactivate my internet from my computer during that month. lol.

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    Hey, KM, good luck I'd go into meltdown if I did not use internet for a month! I completed NaNoWriMo in 2012... it nearly killed me.
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    I am feeling much better about the whole thing now that I have a plan. I have also worked out how many chapters and words per chapter I want to average... I may have gone too far the other way now. But it is making me feel better. I have also started to stockpile my NaNo necessities (chocolate, chai latte, brioche etc) which always helps.

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    I am going to do it this year. Completed the challenge in 2013 and 2014 but wasn't terribly satisfied with the end product. Sometimes writing furiously toward a word count leaves quality in the dust.

    Neither planner nor pantser. Just going to do my best with the spark of an idea that I have. There's a structure somewhere in my mind but it will unfold in its own way. I do have characters and a setting sorted out so that helps. Just not sure what the conflict looks like yet. Should be fun no matter what though, always is.

    Good luck everyone. If you're not already using a program like Scrivener to track your progress, I highly recommend it. Create a document specifically for Nano and create an entry for each day of the month. If you set the project target to 50000, it will help you maintain word count. I also find it helpful to see all thirty days laid out in front of me so I can knock them all dead, 1,667 words at a time. On the days when the words really flow, you can see where you might be able to take a slack day which helps.

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