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Thread: NaNoWriMo - Who's In for 2015?

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    With one week to go before starting. I'm already changing up my plans again! I'm still not feeling it too much, so I am sure that when the day comes around I'll probably just come up with someone random and be disliking it most of November. Hopefully, prepping is going well for you guys, for those that prep.

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    I might enter this year, me and a friend will see if we can come up with an idea and a plot line for the novel in three days!
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    I finally decided to revisit my first NaNo story and take it for a test drive in my fantasy world. I am excited to begin, even if I'm far from ready.

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    Welcome to November!

    This year fell in well for me, having finished edits on previous works and started a new novel three days ago. - Although I'll not upload my words to the site, I'll post periodic totals on here.

    I wish everyone huge success, and just bear in mind that momentum can send you into creative overdrive, distilling something magical from your subconscious that could make the literary world swoon...

    ...Or pass out in horror in my case.
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    I'll write this novel if it kills me! Good luck everyone.
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    I'm in for this year too. Attempted it last year but it was an epic fail My (crazy) plan is to get my head down and get 2000 words a day written. Ha ha let's see where I am this time next week! Good Luck everyone!

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    Going full force into finishing one of my stories I have planned this month. I figure it wouldn't take long to finish it, but it has a mind of it's own and I am working off the outline now. That's how it goes for me though. The outline was just a rough one.

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    I'm a day behind already (aaaagh) but i'm confident I can claw some of it back by tonight and get somewhere near 6000 words.....

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