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Thread: So, You Just Joined... What Next?

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    Hello, I have just joined and have just finished my first novel. It's short at just around 50k words and is only in electronic form. My question is which thread/forum addresses tactics to promoting an electronic copy of your book. I am completely new to this and will take any advice I can get. Thanks ahead of time.

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    I think the place to look would be Publishing. I saw some mention in the activity stream (on the menu bar at the top -- What's New?) of tactics and strategies folks were using but the thread had a non-obvious title. So click around a bit.
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    I feel like there's so much on this forum I don't know where to start.

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    ​Hi! I am new here and currently I guess you could say getting my feet wet! I am more a reader than a writer; however, I have been blogging off and on for over 10 years. I blog about current events and ancient history for the most part. I found the site by accident in a way....I was looking for forums/sites/groups on handmade paper making and book binding. I have always been interested in learning about restoration and repair of books, but never got around to doing it until now.
    I guess that is all for now!

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    Make yourself at home. Spam to your hearts content and sent bazookas to everyone.

    Opps wrong forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairball View Post
    I'm a very popular member here. Everyone loves me.

    The trick to that is to write a load of drivel about talking cats, make up sock puppets to adore the drivel, insult everyone else's writing, send people nasty PMs tellng them you know where they live, and posting from the wi-fi at the coffeeshop when your IP adress gets banned.

    What's really cool is the fact that today I'm posting from prison. I'm serving three consecutive life sentences for hoarding cats, disturbing the peace, and littering.
    Thank you for the advice, I shall take it to heart

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    I'm glad this page was created i'm always leary about my writing because I'm so used to writing fanfiction that I have hard times creating characters and hopefully ya'll will be able to help me with my confidence and such

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    im new here as well I love writing but have never had anyone to read my stuff to find out if it's any good hopefully we will all be able to help each other out

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    Where can I go to get some advice from song writers? Iím transitioning from short story to songs. Any advice?

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    There's a lyrics section specifically for sharing and critiquing song lyrics.
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