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Thread: So, You Just Joined... What Next?

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    Well hi everyone. I'm new here, like just joined yesterday. I sought out a place to help improve my writing after speaking to somebody about it. I'm in an absolute rut with my writing and would appreciate all the help I can get! I hope to one day get this thing written but in the state its in i don't see that happening without a second opinion. So here I am I hope to grow owo

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    Hello Beast! You landed in just the right place, we have exactly what you need! Sounds fabulous doesn't it? Let me explain, you want to improve! WE want you to improve, and.. here is the best part... we can help! WF has writing challenges to help you sharpen your writing skills and increase your confidence... all in a fun, supportive atmosphere where other writers are cheering you on. AND, there are Mentors ready to help you stay focused and help you meet your goals.. Check it out, explore and maybe join a discussion, or read and comment/critique... have fun and enjoy! My name is Julia and I sssnap the whip in the fabulous poetry thread..
    She lost herself in the trees,
    among the ever-changing leaves.
    She wept beneath the wild sky
    as stars told stories of ancient times.
    The flowers grew toward her light,
    the river called her name at night.
    She could not live an ordinary life,
    with the mysteries of the universe
    hidden in her eyes....
    Author: Christy Ann Martine

    Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
    love leaves a memory no one can steal....
    Author unknown.

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    Thanks for the welcome.
    To tell you the truth I've no idea where to start...I don't know the technicals of writing if that makes any sense... I'm trying to basically wrote a... Sci-fi? I'm unsure of the genre tbh...

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    Hi, and welcome! If I were you, I wouldn't try to sort out your novel for the time being. Take a good look around the forums and get a feel for the way other people write. Read some of the threads in the Writing Discussion forum - you'll find all sorts of wisdom there. Gradually you will begin to feel more comfortable about your own writing. If you need help with some aspect of writing yourself, post your question into a new thread on the Writing Discussion forum and you will find people are glad to help.


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    Sah-weet! Thanks Jen! I would've replied earlier, but I wasn't expecting someone to reply....not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing....

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    Hai! I am maunakea, and I'm new to posting here. I figured I'd go ahead and ask my question here since I can't make a thread for it yet.
    I'm currently writing a piece of fiction in first person present tense, myself as the narrator. I'm looking for some advice on narrator knowledge, how to incorporate scenes with characters away from mine, when my character is unconscious or asleep, stuff like that. I have things like this I want to include in the writing, but with my set up I don't know if I should do that when my character doesn't know these things and is narrating. I could always change the set up, but first person present tense just feels right to me for this piece. Any advice is much appreciated. ^-^

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    Hi maunakea, welcome to our creative community. While you are unable to post your work for critique until you have made 10 valid posts you can create a thread in the Writing Discussion forum
    Check out our showcase
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    Oh excellent, I didn't know that. Thank you. And thanks for the welcome.

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    Hi, how's it going, I'm new here and I just started into reading and discovered how much I enjoyed it, also started into writing and I guess I'm going ok and I'd like to make some new friends that like to read, and that's what brought me into this page, also I'd like to write with others, I think it would be a funny thing to do, so why not.

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    Hello Hairball,

    I just loved your post and feel the warmth coming from you already. I registered with this forum a few days ago, and introduced myself with a brief synopsis of my autobiography 'White Zulu', about being raised by Zulus on a remote cattle ranch in South Africa.

    I also put out a couple of friendly and sympathetic replies to others who have expressed their problems with writers' block.

    Sadly I've had nothing back at all. Nobody has expressed any interest in the description of my life/autobiography It's like talking into an abyss. What am I doing wrong? Am I posting in the wrong threads?

    Any feedback from you would be most welcome,


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