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    Things that annoy you

    I taught an adult ESL class a few years back and a topic I really liked was "things that annoy you."

    It was usually a fun class and people never ran out of things to say.

    I'll start.

    - People chewing food loudly on the train (or in other close vicinity).

    - Being charged 300% up in price on drinks at resturants (drinks are actually VERY cheap for food services and they put in like 40% ice).

    - Misunderstanding words in my second language I know well.

    - Advertising anywhere except TV. (I guess I am just used to it on TV my whole life. I find it annoying in most other places).


    Here is a list of 50 things I picked out from this thread that annoy us! If I missed your comment, you can PM me and I will add it!

    Things that annoy us

    1. SNOW! (hairball)
    2. Chewingum annoys me. (pip)
    3. Spam E-mail (mrmustard615)
    4. Poor graphic design (stormcat)
    5. Movies that don't live up to the expectations provided by the hype (rhythmofpain)
    6. People who believe hype. (Terry D)
    7. Haters. (Crowley Jarvis)
    8. Reckless / distracted drivers (mzsnowleapord)
    9. People who drop litter wherever they go. (aquarius)
    10. Christmas songs on the radio......... (escorial)
    11. miserable lawyers (instituteman)
    12. 12 year old girls with their attitudes (phunkymunkey)
    13. Army officers annoy me (ismith)
    14. That meme font... (bruno spartola)
    15. Poltergeists. (20oz)
    16. My dogs trying bury things in my bed (thewandering novice)
    17. When my anxiety handed my ass on a silver platter (the Green Shield)
    18. Sales reps (atlean wordsmith)
    19. Tyrannosaurus Rex... that really gets my goat. (tipgrundlefunk)
    20. When you queue in traffic for ages (arthur G mustard)
    21. being wide awake at One o' clock in the morning (blue midget)
    22. employers who don't get back to you to let you know the outcome of an interview (dave watson)
    23. Homophobic people (justine)
    24. tooth aches (lewdog)
    25. retired people grocery shopping on Saturday (alanmt)
    26. The man who was driving up the A3 in front of me (olly buckle)
    27. Organizations harassing me to donate money (j anfinson)
    28. when older people assume or insist something is better because it is what they are used to (KLJo)
    29. Insurance companies saying "No" to every claim (musichal)
    30. People smoking in non-smoking areas (shi)
    31. The terrible bores who make lists of all the things that annoy them (patrick)
    32. Motion sickness (kyle R)
    33. Gum on my shoe (kevin)
    34. WF members who don't identify by their location which country they are in (just rob)
    35. Justin Bieber (riis marshall) (probably the best one in almost 1000 responses!!!)
    36. Losing internet connection (shadow eyes)
    37. Tax exempt churches (pluralized)
    38. Trying to overtake a cyclist on a narrow country lane (kepharel)
    39. Anyone who believes only whites can be racist (jon M)
    40. People who eat mcdonalds (allysan)
    41. Bullies (buzz cargo)
    42. being yelled to by someone in another room (foolonamoon)
    43. People who follow rules when the reason for the rules no longer applies (dave billig)
    44. Misunderstanding words in my second language I know well (mesafalcon)
    45. "I got mine, too bad about you" (midnightpoet)
    46. My sisters (dgirl1986)
    47. People who don't know what an adverb is (book cook)(and that’s me!)
    48. Husbands who expect me to stop what i am doing just because they have caught me in bed with their wife (gofa)
    49. I intensely hate snow too nowadays (ultraroel)
    50. My husband. He annoys me often. (amsawtell)
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    Hello Mesa

    People who say 'obviously' when whatever being discussed is already obvious.

    People who say 'simplistic' when they, in fact, mean 'simple'.

    Directors of crime, thriller and detective films and TV drama who insist on putting silencers on revolvers - usually Webley 455s.

    Politicians who keep telling me their actions are in my best interests.

    Hospital administrators.

    Human Resource and Personnel Persons.

    North Korea.

    Justin Bieber.

    Simon Cowell.

    Ant and Dec.

    Stuff that doesn't work the way it's supposed to.

    All the best with your writing.

    Warmest regards
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    Friends who don't get that I'm joking around, even though I make it fairly obvious.

    People who let their pets run loose and unsupervised outdoors.

    Same as above, but keep buying new pets after the old ones run off.
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    Driving with an old car and constantly fearing that the tires will pop.
    Losing internet connection.
    Insects that inexplicably manage to crawl/fly/skitter into my house.
    Packing clothes and having them get wrinkled.
    Pulling a book from a shelf only to have the other books cascade.
    Random encounters in RPGs when you're about to die.
    That person who manages to read loudly at the coffee shop.
    Also, songs that play in stores.
    And probably the most annoying thing in existence, children fighting.

    All of my problems would be solved if I was an axe-wielding barbarian.
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    "Truck nuts"

    Commuters on Harleys who leave home at the ass crack of dawn

    People whose political ideology comes purely from one media source or inherited opinion

    Drivers who don't wait their turn and try to cut in at the last minute when the lane ends

    The Prison-Industrial Complex

    The NSA

    Nancy Grace

    Bobcat Goldthwaite

    Pee-Wee Herman


    Tax exempt churches

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    The list is too long...
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    Bar persons who don’t notice you’ve been waiting to be served for 10 minutes and serves someone else who just arrives and stands next to you.

    The charitable status and tax exemptions enjoyed by public schools like Eton to educate silver spoon fed rich kids just because daddy knows someone and can afford the ludicrous fees.

    Trying to overtake a cyclist on a narrow country lane.

    The last train home being cancelled after a howling drinking binge in a pub 12 miles from where you live.

    Tinned Salmon

    Ian Duncan Smith

    Checkout till girl who keeps asking for price checks on items for someone who has a trolley full weeks shop while you’re there with a sandwich and a can of coke because you don’t know how to use those self service tills.

    Bosses who put power and career preservation before the good of their employers and who invariably know how and who to schmooze but have to get a guy from the tech department in to press the on button of their computer.

    Thinking up that killer retort that would have shut some offensive big mouth up when it's too late and the conversation has moved on.
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    Militant beliefs, specifically regarding religion, race and gender relations.
    Hardcore feminism (see above)
    Anyone who believes only whites can be racist
    People whose primary identification is "writer", excluding those with an obvious cool factor of 10 or more.
    Healthcare administrative types who make important policy decisions but are never actually in the trenches doing the work directly affected by said policy decisions.
    "The only calibration that counts is how much heart people invest, how much they ignore their fears of being hurt or caught out or humiliated. And the only thing people regret is that they didn't live boldly enough, that they didn't invest enough heart, didn't love enough. Nothing else really counts at all. It was a saying about noble figures in old Irish poems—he would give his hawk to any man that asked for it, yet he loved his hawk better than men nowadays love their bride of tomorrow. He would mourn a dog with more grief than men nowadays mourn their fathers.

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    Mouth breathers
    loud chewers
    people who chew with their mouths open
    killer wasps
    other people's kids... I know it's horrible.
    People who eat mcdonalds. It's 2015 for crying out loud. We all know that shit's plastic.
    GMO's and pesticides

    ugh I could keep this going all day!

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    People who don't Google, Snopes, or think, before sharing.

    Forced social interaction like chain e-mail, "99% won't share or repost", "post amen if you agree."

    The fact that cable companies get paid on both ends, advertisers AND advertisement audiences.

    Man sandals. Just... I can't even... NO.

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