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Thread: Can you make a sentence a story?

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    "Life is short when you only live for a season, destined to end up on the ground, dry and brown."
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    Gestalt Prayer
    I do my thing
    and you do your thing.
    I am not in this world
    to live up to your expectation
    And you are not in this world
    to live up to mine

    You are you and I am I
    And If by chance
    we find each other, its beautiful,
    If not, it can't be helped.

    - Fritz Perls

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    Everyday I rise and look to the windows for the weather, I enjoy the warmth that soaks deep into my skin and lights my eye lids in red, I hear the sweet, harmonious melody sung by the birds in the surrounding trees as I await the breaking of the day to hit me as I dress with a smile still clinging to my lips as I finally awake to the world.

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