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Thread: Can you make a sentence a story?

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    I live with an absolutely naked man, whose name I do not know

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    "Get in the van, little boy," the man said, then thumbed back the hammer on his revolver before glancing at the driver.

    "Life is a risk; so is writing. You have to love it." ~ Richard Matheson

    "There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves."
    ~Will Rogers

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    Apparently, she left when I was twenty three, and it took me a year to notice.

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    Theirs was gritty story of sweat equity,
    of salt.

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    After an hour in the decompression chamber, Alan heard the hatch open, and as he leapt out of his bed, his internal organs exploded in front of him.

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    It rained, he stopped his car, and got out; the dumpness on top of his car touched the palms of his hands, and he suddenly realized that his world was turned up side down.
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    To Jules Augustin Claude's horror,
    effigies were like potato chips;
    one was never enough.

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    When I reached the edge of the desert my ex-husband was sitting in a deck chair, smoothing oil on his ex-pecs, eyes closed, legs apart smiling up at the boiling sky.
    To build a platform, a tower, you should know something about wood, the ground under-foot, scaffolding, support systems; learn to fabricate, be a joiner, a carpenter, mason, a window-fitter, roofer and advertiser.

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    All of a sudden, the buffalo herd in the cowboy's mind called on him to call on the spirits; they came, removed the veil from his eyes, and he discovered the Indian within.
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    Death is as pervasive as sin, as inescapable as adversity, as relentless as a man hell-bent on vengeance, and, though rather charming in an odd way, completely tactless.
    "So long is the way to the unknown, long is the way we have come. . ." ~ Turisas, Five Hundred and One

    "[An artist is] an idiot babbling through town. . .crying, 'Dreams, dreams for sale! Two for a kopek, two for a song; if you won't buy them, just take them for free!'" ~ Michael O' Brien,
    Sophia House

    Christ is risen from the dead,
    trampling on Death by death,
    And on those in the tombs,
    lavishing light.


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