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Thread: Can you make a sentence a story?

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    The thunderous detonation roared and subsided instantaneously ten years prior, but his tinnitus continued to ring with angry permanence.

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    That's the last time I put on pants.

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    The Castle

    He gazed at the castle where his true love was imprisoned, determined it to be impenetrable, and went home.
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    Heist of the Century

    "Hands up," yelled the boy to the flustered bank teller, spraying him with his fully loaded water gun.

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    The unknown
    Her blood ran cold as she stared out into the forest, unaware of how she got there and sensing that she was not alone.

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    As he held the two pieces of the unbreakable ruler in his hands he once again questioned the wisdom of giving anything to his children that he didn't want back in one piece.
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    The Hurdles in Life

    Every time I think I'm getting ahead, every time I think this curse has been lifted... these damned pickles!

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    I have seen a lot of change in you in a very short period of time from a frightened girl to the woman standing in front of me now and to not care means being alone, I promise you that is not what you want.

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