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    Sudden silence seized hold of the air, as the comforting roar of the engines ceased.

    Albert: "Oh, yes, sir. But alcohol sort of compensates for not getting them.”

    ― Terry Pratchett

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    She was dressed in red that once was white; her pulse stopped just before mine.

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    The soldering iron got up to temperature, allowing the small wires to be soldered

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    When I take her, she's fresh, like an unwrapped candy.

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    The cucumber landed between the two oranges when they fell onto the floor

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    After a long week of work and play, grateful the car
    still hums and hips still forage on, blessed is the
    weekend’s invisible cookoo clocks and mindless
    meandering...until the phone rang.

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    The End of the Line

    The vibrant bang made the birds take off into the sunset while the concerned look in my friend’s big eyes turned stale.

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    My life ended the same as it began all those years ago, with a breath.
    If we surround ourselves with 'yes' people, how can we grow.

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    In That Moment

    It only took Alicia a moment to realize what was happening, and in that moment it was as if every nerve in her body had simply stopped.
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    There she stood as though she was being pulled between two.

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