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    Wink Writing Forums Baby! :D

    Well, our baby finally made his entrance into the world two weeks ago. What a roller coaster ride that was. I had a very hard pregnancy and we had a lot of scary moments, but today when I look at our son, I know every scare was worth it.

    Kyle and I still can't get over the fact that we're finally together, and now when we look at our son, it just blows our mind. It's hard to believe that we met here on WF almost 4 years ago. Now we have a beautiful family. To think it all started with our love of writing. What a long and wonderful road we've travelled so far.

    Here's our baby boy, Kai.

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    Woo-hoo! Congratulations! That's a handsome young man. I bet he'll be darn literate as well.
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    wow. even more beautiful than you, sunny. and that's REALLY saying something. and kyle? well...thank god the baby doesn't look nothing like him. ha ha.
    that's a joke, of course. beautiful baby. congrats to both you all.
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    Oh dear... still in his stork-blanket. He's very cute. Looks so small.... he must not have hurt much at all. Okay... The most extraordinary congratulations I can give!!! Thank you so much for the pictures. I am very happy for the both of you.

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    Sure, he looks cute, but whenever I try to burp him it's like trying to wrestle an angry alligator. Now when he's sleeping, we tiptoe around saying, "Hurry! Eat now, before it wakes!"

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    OMG. What a dollbaby! Is he real?? You guys have a real fairy-tale story. I love it!!

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    i wanna say something to you all cuz i care about ya. my daughter is a "forum baby". and things didn't work out
    between me and her mom. but we still have this beautiful kid. man...i just really wanna tell you all that your family matters.
    don't let something trivial smash it up. you all may have met on a forum, but this baby is REAL. i'm not trying to preach,
    but i think you all have the integrity to make it work, anyway. but i'm just thinkin cuz my baby was a "forum baby", too.
    you all have to make this work. your family is beautiful. ok?
    "Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.

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    Oh man.... the memories... manning the 'bugles'(breast pump)... the growth spurts and the fear of running out...'fenugreek' tea... learning to sleep when he slept, regardless of the hour... the 'dead' shoulder when I didn't move him in time after he fell asleep on me.... falling in love again, parentally... like a new puppy, only better.

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    Hi Dale. It's true, family is everything. We've finally got everything and we both know how blessed we are, everyday.

    Kyle and I are very conscious of our relationship and always make sure we're both happy and if we weren't, we have open communication to talk everything out. Marriages are a lot of work and adding in a new baby is sure to add some stress, but we're a team and we always get through it together.

    Thanks for being so open, it must be really hard to have gone through what you and your daughters mom went through. You have the best part of that relationship I'm sure, staring at us from your avatar! She's beautiful.
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