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    Those earrings are amazing. I just received a (I think) 50 count package of mini craft vials with the loop and cork. I have . . . plans. I think it'd be neat to turn a few into prayer bottles, a few could be wish bottles, etc.

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    That's a lovely idea, Am ^^ I used a bunch of small corked vials to put thank you's in when I got married. They made for unique party favours :3
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    Oh! I like that idea! You could even paste small fake flowers or pearls or gemstones to them to decorate them a bit more. You could even wrap them with lace ribbon!

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    Lace would have been pretty! God damn it Am, why didn't we have this conversation earlier? </3
    Remember kids: Drink vodka, play Dotka!

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    I don't know! You're giving me great ideas for my​ wedding though!

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    This is soooo not right. I love it!

    Quote Originally Posted by KLJo View Post
    Those are amazing!!!

    I'm not super crafty, or talented like that. My only related claim to fame is my terrible abuses of people...

    Eg. My old roommate and I agreed that we would decide together on ALL furniture pieces, so when he brought home a table and chairs that were not approved I kept them in a state of unusability for MONTHS...

    He'd go to work, and come home to the following

    Attachment 8851
    Attachment 8852
    Attachment 8853
    Attachment 8854
    Attachment 8855
    Attachment 8856

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    Those are awesome!

    Quote Originally Posted by Boofy View Post
    Aww, I can't see the pictures Kev! ;___;

    And Escorial, that pose is uncanny! I ended up changing his pose in the end to have his hands on his tummy.. still got to finish his little costume and fire/paint him but I'm not brave enough just yet ^^;

    I've been making a ton of hypo-allergenic earrings of late. Family and friends love them!

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    Gah, thank you Tk! ^^;
    Remember kids: Drink vodka, play Dotka!

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    I love those M&M Earrings, that's crazy creative stuff!

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    Thaaaaank you! It's surprisingly hard to keep from going out and buying real M&Ms when I look at them. I may unintentionally start an advertising campaign if they take off >.<
    Remember kids: Drink vodka, play Dotka!

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