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Thread: Scrivner? Whatever

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    For those of you using Open/Libre Office - have you gotten to the editing stage, yet? Does it work with the "track changes" feature if your editor is working in Word? (work in progress!)

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    Alert - Zombie Thread. Sorry, but bringing this one up again might bring out some new information.

    Microsoft Word is my go-to word processor, and I use the version available when I buy a new computer. Office adds a couple hundred bucks to the computer's price, but it's worth the extra cost to have a word processor that produces files used almost universally.

    I occasionally download and play with trial versions of Scrivener but haven't been able to use it as effectively as Word. I love the index cards and file tree that conglomerates most research and notes in one place on screen for easy access. Price is double what it was in 2015, but it can be purchased for half price if a user participates in NaNoWriMo this year, and writes the full 50K words in November.

    When it comes to tapping at the keys and writing something, Word and Scrivener do the same thing, and both have their own edition of "...for Dummies". My primary reason for sticking with Word is that its output is immediately usable by nearly all professions to which I might submit the end product.
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