Some writers have a gift for describing a scene in detail, and I think that's what you've done here. I could feel the weight of him jumping and releasing the spear, and then the weight of him pulling the spear out. I think you've painted a great scene here.

What if you had described his senses and instincts before the jump instead of after the release? It could have built more tension. Like a spring tensing up before it uncoils.

I rip the sharpened wood from it’s body and as I do, the crescendo of sound, blood suction and gargling.
The sound of a twig breaking echos, the sound bouncing from tree trunk to tree trunk.

What if instead it was
"A twig snaps and the echo bounces from trunk to trunk."
or "I rip the spear from it's suction and it repays me with a crescendo of gargling blood."

Theres a lot of different ways you could go with that second sentence there, but you get the general idea. It's a great scene and could be even greater if you went over it a few times and polished it out.