Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone?

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Thread: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone?

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    Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone?

    Name a time when you did so, or perhaps what you could plan for the future that means getting out there. I always had middling jobs, raising kids and needing flexible hours. Not much drive to get into even mid management. But over the years I've gotten older, and crankier, and tired of people decades younger telling me what to do.

    This is a good thing actually. The last place that I was dumped from had one girl, deemed a "manager". I know she spent an awful lot of time smoking in the driveway and schmoozing with her best buddy in the office. I couldn't put my finger on her personality. One of those people that will someday start screaming and won't be able to stop perhaps? A bit overly intense?

    But I put in an application. It's a company I did temp work for already. I've worked for their biggest competitor for three years. They want a manager for a department I actually know a lot about. The interview is Monday. Well probably the first in a series. I'm not mousey anymore. If you are laughing at videos on your phone I don't have any problem getting you back to work. Time to put on my Joe Pesci face...

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    i've been to an AA meeting.
    "Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.

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    At a certain point in the geriatric process, between unremitting joint pain and unpredictable farting which precludes conversation, there is no comfort zone. One has stepped out permanently.
    A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. Steven Wright

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    Spending a lot of time outside my old comfort zone has merely created a new one.

    For me, writing about it all IS stepping outside the comfort zone. It has come alive in my mind in a way that I didn't realise was possible. Transferring that onto the page is challenging, but it seems that the process would be unstoppable even if I wanted it to stop.

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    One problem in modern culture is that most people assume you'll always be dissatisfied and feel horrible if you don't step out of your comfort zone. Every once in a while is fine, but I'm not about to do this huge stunt to "step out."


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