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What is the focus? The control or the ones doing the controlling? If it's the former, you want the passive voice; if it's the latter, you want the active voice. Are the new discoveries the focus or the Cubes? Same consideration.

The passive voice is not inherently bad. Most of your sentences should be in the active voice naturally.
This is how I view it, personally. I see it as a matter of style and emphasis rather than being grammatically correct or incorrect.

Also, it's quite common to use the passive voice in science reports/journals/experiments/etc.

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agree with above. No one will notice a passive. Do what you think is right.

But, can the word "happens" replace "is done"?

The control happens after the conditionals.

A comma might help the second sentence (but right, keep the passive):

Whenever something new is discovered in math and science or something new is made, the cubes rotate jobs.
Yeah, I agree with all of this although I might have replaced 'is done' with 'is tested' or 'is run' if you wanted to keep the passive.