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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowwalker View Post
    I could walk across the street and get hit by a truck - so should I not cross streets? Should people not sky-dive? Not drive race cars? Never do anything that has an even chance of killing you? I had a friend, years ago, who was told by her doctors to quit smoking, quit drinking, quit eating this and that - she ignored it. She lived another 10-12 years, died in her early sixties, but said many, many times: "If I have to give up all the things I enjoy doing just so I'll live longer, what's the point?".
    Sorry but I agree with Kyle R on this one. Crossing the street, unless someone is drunk or something and wont stop their car is usually safe almost each time. Having a smoke has a very very tiny amount almost insignificant amount of damage, but it is each time you do it, so it wouldn't be comparative to a random gamble, but more of a calculated gamble.

    Smoking has a risk of harming you eventually, because the tiny amounts will build up. The gamble is if your body is strong enough to withstand the bad effects in the long run.

    I rarely smoke, even though I do smoke.

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    Too many writers lost to the tougher drugs, not I.

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    Quote Originally Posted by belthagor View Post
    Crossing the street, unless someone is drunk or something and wont stop their car is usually safe almost each time. Having a smoke has a very very tiny amount almost insignificant amount of damage, but it is each time you do it, so it wouldn't be comparative to a random gamble, but more of a calculated gamble.
    But sky-diving and race car driving? And depending on the street, or how big a hurry one is in ("I'll jaywalk just this once...") ... Life's full of decisions that could kill or cripple. Just taking a job in factory A versus factory B could do that.
    Has left the building.

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    What I don't get is why anybody cares if anybody else is being healthy. We've already got thirty or eighty per cent more people than we'll ever need on this globe. Things would get way better if a lot of you all would just die. I encourage everybody to smoke cigarettes while you skydive and then to fall asleep while you drive your race car across the street.
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    I am allergic to some of the many stuff that is in tobacco smoke. It makes my eyes water and sometimes so bad that I look like I am crying. Cigar smoke is so bad that I am practically really crying. I just did not like the smell of mari so I have not tried it. I was once in a party where some african boys had brought a hookah, or waterpipe that was used to smoke flavored tobacco and because it was so exotic for me, I did try that and had no any ill effects from the smoke, but I have not tried smoking ordinary cigarettes ever.

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    Nope. Childhood asthma conditioned me against even being around smoke, even though I got over the asthma.

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    know a lot of smokers. Feel really bad for them. It becomes apart of your brain, neurological makeup. You NEED it. If you don't think it's killing you, you're lying to yourself. The Red Foxx quote is pretty dead on. Eventually you're going out like you came in. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, ashtrays to ashtrays. Coffin Nails and Cancersticks aren't the only problem either. Americans like to eat. Watched that kill a lot of them. Prescription meds. Hell, a bad attitude can kill you.

    The only reason I don't participate in stuff like that is because I like having full potential and possibility. I want to hang on to the good stuff as long as I can. Running and breathing and things like that. If others want to do that, fine, just don't do it around me.
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    I started smoking when I was 14 and didn't quit until I was 24 and pregnant. I thought I would never quit. Then again I thought id never have babies or get married either. What a hypocrite I've made of myself and I'm not even mad about it.

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    I tried smoking once. My experience consisted mostly of an unpleasant reminder that I have asthma. 0 out of 5 stars, would not recommend.
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    I LOVE smoking. It is the perfect, relaxing, way to curl up and think or day dream.

    Don't worry about all your rude comments though, dear posters. I'm a perfume-free, organic, vegetarian, who will probably outlive you.

    In all seriousness, THAT is the thing that bugs me--the classless way that people talk about smokers. Non-smokers, aka the majority, have somehow banded together to act like their parents didn't teach them a single thing about manners.

    We're outside, or in the privacy of our own homes. Back your cheap perfume, and obnoxious holier-than-though attitudes up, because there are TONS of illogical ways you contribute to your own demise, and I respect your right to make that choice. There is no person who will be shocked to hear, "those are bad for you," so what are you gaining by commenting except the joy of looking like a jerk? (Referring to real life comments, not this anonymous internet discussion, which is obviously a whole different animal)

    I have relatives that died of obesity, and diabetes, but even in the face of those losses, I would never speak about someone else's lifestyle choices the way people talk about smokers. It is just poor form.

    For the record, I've lost 4 Great Aunts and Uncles to lung cancer. If you went through it, I'm deeply sorry for your loss. However, that doesn't place you above the simple fact that it is absolutely obnoxious to opine, unsolicited, on my choices if we meet.


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